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Read about Marie Claire's dating blogger's experience with men, sex, and relationships.

Sure Signs a Guy's a Player
    Is he exhibiting suspicious textual behavior -- and putting too much sexual pressure on you? Well...

5 Ways to Tell if He's Just Not That into You
    My guy friends come up with some crafty rules of thumb for how to detect if he's checked in or out.

Is Celebrity Divorce Contagious?
    Are we influenced by our friends -- or the micro-societies we live in -- when it comes to working on our relationships, or giving them up?

Why Are You Straight? Or Gay?
    In the wake of a horrific anti-gay hate crime in New York, I talked to the author of a new book about the biological forces that shape your sexual orientation.

The Real Reason Some Women Are Just Not That Into Sex With You
    Is it so amazing that we don't love giving you orgasms all the time when we don't necessarily get them in return? Come on, dudes!

Do Women Lose Interest in Sex When They Marry?
    She's just not that into you: A male friend of mine claims that men fear women becoming sexually stingy as much as women fear being used for sex.

The Rise of Anal Sex
    Why are more American women having it than ever before? Could it be ... for the orgasms?

The Best Relationship Advice I've Heard in a Long Time
    Have a weekly "issues" workshop with your boyfriend that follows a few simple rules...

Do You Despise the Real Housewives as Much as I Do?
    Why do we celebrate and reward these shallow, dumb, petty people?

Is This How All Men Orgasm?
    If you ask me, there's a pretty accurate description in one of Philip Roth's novels.

What a One-Night Stand Guy Looks For ...
    A new study on how it's different from what a man interested in a long-term relationship pays attention to.

Why Are the Stars of the Facebook Movie Not So Hot?
    Did you know that in real life, Facebook's Sean Parker is seriously good looking?

Why Are We So Fascinated by Celebrity Sex Scandals?
    Interview with cultural critic and professor Laura Kipnis on her new book How to Become a Scandal: Adventures in Bad Behavior.

The Most Incredible Engagement Story I've Heard in a Long Time
    A man pops the question — in a notoriously tough Iranian jail.

How to Deal When Someone Asks, "You EVER Getting Married?"
    Restrain yourself from kicking Aunt Clara in the shin. Use one of these sassy comebacks instead!

The 12 Categories of Single Women
    From a princess-in-waiting to the town rebel to the phoenix, which best describes you?

Are Women Happier When Men Are the Main Breadwinners?
    Are traditional marriages going to satisfy them more than unconventional ones?

Do Women Only Like Powerful Men Because of Evolution?
    I really don't think women are "biologically programmed" to prefer powerful men.

Is Being Single the New Adultery?
    Dating "is a way of giving yourself adventures," to appropriate John Updike. "Of getting out in the world and seeking knowledge."

The 5 Best (and Worst) Cities for Single Women
    Based on the ratio of single women to single men, you may consider making a move.

Do Women "Train" Men to Be Douchebags?
    A male friend of mine claims they do.

New Study: Fatter Men Last ... Longer?
    Is a scientific study that indicates chubby dudes are the best lovers for real?

Do the Character Traits That Make Me a Good Friend Make Me a Bad Dater?
    Am I overly empathetic — and overly polite? Would I be better off if I didn't come across like such a good confidante?

Is Persistence a Turn-On — and Is That a Bad Thing?
    Are men who persist too much kind of evil? Novelist Philip Roth says, "Eighty percent of women will yield under tremendous pressure if the pressure is persistent."

Do You Want to Be Appreciated — or Understood?
    Is it more important that your mate is dazzled by you — or that he seems to know why and how you are who are? Awe — or comprehension?

Does It Matter if He's a Good Dancer?
    Really, ladies, though it's nice when a dude has some moves, do we care if a guy can dance?

5 Reasons Why Dating Foreigners Is Good for You
    After a friend returns from a year in Indonesia, she and I talk about the benefits of intercultural dating.

Is Falling Fast the Only Route to Lasting Love?
    If you don't immediately click with someone, is your relationship doomed to failure?

How to Be a Great Matchmaker
    There are a few basic things you should keep in mind if you want to successfully set up your friends.

7 Reasons to Become an Amateur Matchmaker
    I love setting my friends up -- sometimes even with people I've just met at parties.

Do Men Actually Prefer Smaller Boobs?
    Maura's male friends weigh in on whether size matters ... for breasts.

Are Ambitious Men Necessarily Bad Boyfriends?
    If he's so incredibly focused on his career, can he focus on you?

The Best (Modern) Poems for Any Stage of a Love Affair
    This ain't your mama's poetry. A poet friend of mine knows the modernest, sexiest poems for every occasion.

Do Men Care What Women Do for a Living?
    Yes. And no. It really depends on why you're doing what you're doing.

Is It Time for a Long Weekend Away with the New Beau?
    Trying to decide whether to go away with your new dude this Labor Day? I talk to a life coach about how to figure out if the time is right.

Is Frugality a Turnoff?
    Pretending he had an eating disorder to avoid taking a woman out? That ain't frugal -- that's cheap!

Are You Dating a Cheater?
    A woman from "Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?" has some advice to make sure you don't end up with a scoundrel... or sociopath.

New Study: Casual Hookups Can Turn into Love ... Sometimes
    So, aren't they still a bad idea if you're looking for a serious relationship?

When Your Neighbor's Sex Is Too Loud
    How do you deal with neighbors who have noisy sex? Or a lover who is so loud you feel like you can't look your floor-mates in the face?

How to Use an eReader to Flirt
    Questions you can ask the owner of a Kindle, iPad, or similar device if you want to get a conversation going.

7 Tips to Help You "Click" with a First Date
    How you can get an instant connection with a first date. Or a new friend. Or anyone, really.

4 Female Misconceptions About Sex and Dating
    The male author of a memoir about his sex and dating history has some advice for the ladies.

Everything You Need to Know About the Female Condom
    Should we ladies be using them more often?

Is It Wrong to Date Someone Who Likes You More Than You Like Him?
    Is it possible to like each other equally from the get-go, or is it kind of necessary for the vast majority of the population to do this?

How to Be Good in Bed

5 Reasons Why I'm Giving Up on Younger Men
    I've enjoyed my run as a cougar. But now I think it's time for me to cultivate my interest in older men.

11 Signs You'll Get Married Someday
    Some odd statistics pinpoint a person's likelihood to walk down the aisle.

Is Music During Sex Good or Bad?
    World-renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth says music should never be played while you're shagging. Whaaaat?

5 Things You Should Know Before Kissing Anyone
    A life coach has kissing tips so simple they're brilliant.

4 Kinds of People Who Can "Date Up"
    Rather than social climbing, it's romantic climbing: Certain types can land people who are higher on the desirability-o-meter than they are.

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