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Read about Marie Claire's dating blogger's experience with men, sex, and relationships.

3 Beauty Treatments That Enhance Your Sexual Confidence
    A few splurges, like laser hair removal, are well worth the money when it comes to feeling great.

5 Ways to Feel Hot at Any Age
    Just because you don't have baby soft skin doesn't mean you can't rock what you've got!

Are Women Looking for Trophy Husbands?
    "Kind and funny" — we say that's what we want. But are "hot and successful" really so much more important to us that we're stunting our romantic lives?

How Love Makes People Prettier
    When we know we're loved — and when we love other people — it changes the way we see their faces. And our own.

11 Things NOT to Do on a First Date
    One man reveals the little things that can really turn a dude off.

The Key Compatibility Factor: The Worldview
    There is, in fact, one thing two people need to have in common if a relationship is going to work.

Are You Sexually "Normal"?
    A shocking number of women have problems in the sack.

How to Find the Perfect Summer Fling
    4 helpful suggestions to finding the perfect temporary lover.

4 Things You Think Are Special That He Actually Does with Everyone
    Learn how to read his signals to see if his actions are legit.

5 Proven Subliminal Tricks to Try on a Date
    Cutting-edge research about the cool, small things we can do when we first meet someone to make us come off as more awesome.

Are Calling Cards Online Dating 2.0?
    Handing random men a calling card might become the future of dating.

Should Men Ever Play Hard to Get?
    Should guys play it cool before asking for a second date, or do you just want them to ask you out again already?

When the Right Person Comes Along, Will You Be Ready?
    Some think if you find the right person, VOILA!, you'll be ready to be in a relationship.

What Relationship Dynamic Are You Into?
    When it comes to role playing in relationships, do you prefer to be the student to someone's young professor act or do you find yourself playing the parent to the child?

5 Reasons Men Like Cougars
    Younger guys have plenty of reasons to like older women.

Does Size Really Matter? (Hand Size, That Is)
    Find out if his hands and feet are a clear indicator of the impressiveness of his package.

4 Secret, Psychological Ways to Turn Him On
    A pro reveals why roller coasters and Red Bull can increase his arousal ... without him knowing it.

5 Ways to Boost His Libido
    A man is less likely to cheat if you can help raise his testosterone levels.

6 Ways to Snag a Sugar Daddy
    Looking to be a kept woman? Try these tips from one who wrote a memoir about her experiences making $1,000 a week from her lovers.

My 4 Guilty Political Crushes

8 Things That Will Make a Man More Likely to Flirt with You
    Surprising tips, from dressing casual to flying solo, that will make men want to chat you up.

3 Reasons to Be a More Impulsive Flirt
    Our blogger totally bungles a flirtation that falls into her lap, because she wasn't prepared. Don't let this happen to you!

A Closer Look at 4 Online Dating Sites
    Is OkCupid best for cougars? Does Match only have lame-o suburbanites? One woman reviews the myths behind the internet's most popular sites for singles.

What Does It Mean When a Man Holds Out?
    If he's hesitating about having sex, does that mean he's just not that into you?

Will This BlackBerry App Help You Get Over Your Ex?
    It blocks calls from any numbers you specify, but would you even want to pick up the phone?

Should I Date a Daddy?
    What to consider when a single father asks you out.

How to Respond to a Douchebag
    If a dude takes what he wants from you and leaves, do you let him get away with it? Or do you let him have it?

4 Ways to Avoid Being Clingy with Guys
    If you don't want to come off too needy in new relationships, test out these tactics.

3 Reasons to Hold Out
    A born-again virgin tells us about the benefits of being hard to get.

Why Men Have Flings
    Why men so often cheat and other scientific insights into why monogamy is so hard for humans.

What's the Childhood Desire That Most Defines You?
    There's one basic impulse behind just about everything you do.

3 Reasons to Avoid Self-Deprecation on a First Date
    When you're first getting to know someone, it can make you seem unattractive rather than self-aware.

9 Tips for Being Funny
    Learning how to make someone laugh will make you more appealing in everyone's eyes.

9 Rules for Peaceful Cohabitation
    From being more flexible to doing each other's dishes now and then, these tips will make living together easier.

The Case for Women Who "Opt Out" of Careers for Families
    Why should we all be concerned about women who leave jobs behind to raise their children?

Do You Have Daddy Issues?

How to Make Good Friends Out of Bad Dates
    Just because there's no spark doesn't mean there's no chance for a new friendship. Here's how to make friends out of guys you've dated.

Do You Fear You Have a "Fatal Flaw" in Relationships?
    Is there one thing about you that makes you utterly unlovable?

3 Arguments Against a Full-On One-Night Stand
    Why an evening of heavy petting is far more fun than casual sex.

Should You Announce Your Engagement on Facebook?
    If you want your friends to throw rice rather than rocks, take this blogger's advice on the right and wrong ways to update your status.

8 Tips for Being a Great World Cup Date
    The sexiest sport -- with the sexiest players -- all month long! Head to your local bar with these surefire ways to impress the biggest soccer fans or rack up points with your man.

Is Your Vibrator Giving You Cancer?
    Some sex toys are made with chemicals that can seep into your bloodstream and, over time, make you sick.

The 5 Most Popular Vibrators
    In the market for a new vibe? The well-known sex shop Good Vibrations tells us about its best-sellers.

3 Signs a Guy Is Serious About a Second Date
    How you can tell if you're ever going to see him again.

3 Right and Wrong Ways to End a Date
    Whether you're interested or not, there's a good way, a bad way, and the best way.

4 Attractive Traits That Are More Important Than Beauty
    Sure, good looks help when you're looking for love. But they're not everything, as a Yale psychologist shows in his new book.

Are You Taking a Feminist Stand if You Want a Boyfriend?
    A new Atlantic Monthly article argues that girls are fighting back against the hook-up culture by reading the Twilight books and wanting old-fashioned boyfriends.

Innocent Sibling Incest: Is It Really So Bad?
    Two half-siblings, who had no idea they were related, had a kid before they found out they had the same father. Should we really be grossed out by that?

What Men Really Think About Your Cocktail Order
    The author of a new book about booze tells us what messages we send with our drink orders.

Should Religion Be a Deal-Breaker?

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