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Read about Marie Claire's dating blogger's experience with men, sex, and relationships.

The 10 Hottest International Male Movie Stars Evvv-ah

5 Tips for Flirting with Sailors
    It's Fleet Week! What better way to show your patriotism than by making out with a seaman?

The 4 Most Hilarious Ways to Break Up with Someone
    Try out any one of these maneuvers to guarantee you'll never hear from your boyfriend again.

Can Love Literally Break Your Heart?
    The case for what may have happened to the late Brittany Murphy's husband, who died Sunday.

The Costs of Dating
    Who should pay on the first date? Is there a type of guy who will wreck your finances? The author of a new personal finance book has the answers.

5 Encouraging Facts About Long-Term Relationships
    Why your memory of your first date and your choice of birth control matter in finding Mr. Right.

6 Secrets to the Perfect Profile Picture
    Spice up your online dating profile with these proven tips on taking the best personal photos.

Is Love Just an Illusion?
    Freud thought so. Rilke thought so. Maybe single women do, too.

Can Men Handle Dating Smarter Women?
    Was new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan never able to get married because she's too smart? Three men share their thoughts on over-intelligent women.

Why Google Is Banning "Cougar" Ads
    The Internet titan forbids sites like to advertise but allows snag-a-sugar-daddy ones. Double standard much?

Sexual Abstinence: Is It Wise (or Crazy) to Stay a Virgin?
    After "Rethinking Virginity," a Harvard conference held earlier this week, the blogosphere is claiming that a new abstinence movement is afoot. But is there, really? And is teaching abstinence a good idea?

Can You Train a Man?
    Remember that insanely popular "Modern Love" story about how one woman learned to transform her husband using animal behavior techniques? My friend was trying to apply it to her own life, but she'd taken the wrong message away.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Partner from Cheating
    New research reveals that there are plenty of fun and exciting things you can do to keep your relationship strong.

What He Thinks About Your Shoes
    Having a sprained ankle means my footwear choices are limited. So I ask my male friends: Do sneakers ever look hot? Give me the details!

Which One of the Four Jazz Divas Are You?

More Women Choosing to Have Babies Solo: A Good Thing?

The 3 Kinds of Friendships

Guy Wrecks Girl's Apt, Goes Free Because He's on Meds. Fair?

The Single Most Important Thing to Find Out About a Guy?

Do You Have Problems with the Pill?

Is the Mistress (or "Third Person") to Blame for the End of a Marriage?

6 Tips for a Hot Dinner Date at Home

4 Reasons NOT to Go Out in the Hopes of Meeting Someone

Slow-Date: 7 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Get to Know Someone (Slowly)

6 Reasons Not to Get Married

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sex

Rant: Why the Onus Is on Men to Say NO to Sex

9 Good Reasons to Hold Out (for Sex)

Does Waiting to Have Sex Make Any Difference?

8 Insights into the Male Mind (according to my guy friends)

5 (Literary) Quotes About the Penis

Man-scaping: Should HE shave ... down there?

Scientists on the Size of the Average Penis (+ Why Do Men Have Phallus-Image Disorder?)

Do All Men Fit into 1 of These 3 Categories?

19 Things Guys Should Never Do (Unless You Want Us to Think You Love Us)

The Best Indicator You'll Get Married Someday?

6 Guidelines for Making Smart Sexual Choices

5 Rules of Text Etiquette

3 Sexy Young Male Writers

How to Deal with the Top 6 Sexual Fears

Columnist Claims Drunk Girls Deserve Rape

4 Things You Should Know About Expired Condoms

3 Ways in Which Love Resembles an Illness

4 Activities That Will Boost Your Happiness

The Best Indicator You're Over an Ex?

4 Guys on the Pleasures of Lady-Flesh in Spring

The Best Kind of First-Date Conversation

Do You Have a Hard+Fast Rule About When to Have Sex?

4 Ways That Suffering Makes You a Better Person

Do We Have a "Predetermined Number of Sexual Opportunities"--to use or lose?

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