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A New Year's Day Adventure

4 Things Daters Can Learn from "Self-Reliance"

Resolutions for the New Year

Looking Back on 2009

Attractiveness Is Subjective: 3 Dudes, 3 Different Takes on My Face

4 (Non-Scary) Ways to Take Flirtatious Risks

4 Pointers for Surviving the Holidays

Is It Possible to Open Your Mind To Someone Once You've Closed It?

3 Reasons Why a "Time Constraint" Will Make You a Better Flirt

Is My Unwillingness to Take Risks Killing My Love Life?

4 Tips for Starting Conversations While Holiday Shopping

Look! I'm an Elf! (Four Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers)

Ho Ho Ho + Please Give Me About 7 Shots of Rum

Flirtation Tactic #309: Tell Yourself You're Not Going to Make Any Effort At All(?)

Flirtation Technique #308: Do NOT Talk About Your Days as a Wild Child

Defining "The Spark": What Sets Me Aflame

4 Tips on HOW TO SAY NO TO A 2d DATE Nicely ... (Ladies, Why the Double Standard?)

How to Recycle Your Date

5 Ways That Guys Can Look Extra Sexy

Flirtation Technique #307: Pretend to Be the Hostess

3 Arguments in Favor of Being a "Puma"

Are Roommates Killing Your Love Life?

5 Unexpectedly Sexy Bits of Clothing (for Chicks)

Why Do Men Get So Turned On by Aprons?

The "Turkey Drop": Did Any of You Do It?

Is a Drunken 1 AM Text Automatically Sexual?

Did This Date (With the Hot Band Guy) Go Well?

5 Suggestions for Holiday Reading

Should Women Over 30 (Like Me) Swear Off Younger Dudes?

3 Ways to Gain Power (By Granting Approval) in a Flirtation

Raising the Stakes for the Date with Hot Band Guy

Giving a Dude a Second Chance--What Should the Criteria Be?

10 Insights That Will Help You Flirt with Nerds

A Hot Dude Blogs About Me Blogging About Him!

Speed-Dating! With the Nerds!

Are Cell Phones Ruining Our Chances for Real Love?

4 Subjects to Avoid on A First Date

7 Ways to Dress More Flirtatiously

The Power of Negative Thinking: A Good Idea?

A Good Way to Contact Someone Who Didn't Get My Digits?

5 Hilarious Flirtatious E-Cards

Two More Things NOT To Do When Picking Up a Guy

5 Things NOT to Do When Picking Up A Guy

Does True Love Make Us Ready to Commit?

Is It Time for Me to Give Up on a Certain You-Know-Who?

Is Playing Hard to Get Really The Way to Go?

Did I Rock the "Who Are You?" Interview?

Subverting the Usual (Boring) Get-to-Know-You Q's

Stay Safe, If You're Going to Make Out With a Stranger

Should a Guy Ask if He Can Kiss You?

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