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Read about Marie Claire's dating blogger's experience with men, sex, and relationships.

The Woody Allen of Neurotic First Dates
    Have you ever gone on a date so deranged, it could have been ripped from in a Woody Allen flick?

Should We Marry the Men Who'd Let Us Go Bald?
    Now that my hair's completely gray, I sometimes wish I could just shave my head and be done with it. But, would he stick around?

Do We Use Sex As a Weapon?
    Entourage star and former adult-film actress Sasha Grey says we do.

Do Dating Sites Actually Make Getting Married Harder?
    Plus, could Facebook be to blame for the rise in affairs and divorce?

The Worst Pick-Up Lines From Around the World
    Author Franz Wisner traveled around the globe and found some of the most cringe-inducing come-ons ever.

Are Tears A Turn-On?
    After a crying jag, do you really want to have sex?

Has Prince William Been Too Scarred by His Parents' Split?
    Considering all the "invisible support" he's giving Kate Middleton, maybe not.

Are Guys Who Don't Believe in Free Will More Likely to Cheat?
    A new study suggests people's moral compasses are more relaxed if they think it's all up to destiny.

Why You Don't Always Have a Crush on Mr. Perfect
    Is it impossible to be into someone who's too much like you?

Does He Love You If He Never Keeps a Promise?
    If a man never follows through when he says he's going to do something, that doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is doomed.

Is Experimentation More Common Than Most Think?
    A new study finds it's not just relegated to college campuses.

How Dating Affects the Way We Look for Jobs
    Are men more likely to pursue employment aggressively, while women tend to play it cool?

Extended Adolescents: The New Generation of Daters
    A new study sheds light on the latest type of singleton, one who still gets help from Mom and Dad.

Is Speaking Your Mind on a Date a Turn-Off?
    Conventional wisdom says to avoid talking politics, religion, and money, but what about opinions in general?

Should There Be a Word Count on Love Letters?
    Do you hate it when you get a super-long email from a suitor?

The "Best" Worst Excuses for Cheating, Ever
    Newt Gingrich recently said he did it for his country, and Bon Jovi did it because it's part of the job.

Do You Wish Google-Stalking Was Off the Table?

"Shocking" Study: Men Want Sex More Often Than Women
    Might not be news to most of the female population, but is there anything wrong with that?

7 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Rape
    The author of a new memoir has suggestions about how we can protect ourselves.

Should Students Have Watched a Woman Orgasm?
    A Northwestern professor invited students to watch a man use a sex toy on a woman during a classroom demonstration.

Should We Eliminate Planned Parenthood?

4 Fun Facts about the Human Heart
    This organ does a lot more than pump blood. Find out some of its most fascinating attributes.

Charlie Sheen's "Winning" Threesome
    The maniacal TV star lives with his two girlfriends -- and they just divulged the details of their unusual arrangement. Could you handle a situation like that?

What's Your Favorite Online Private Eye Tool?
    When you have a new crush, how do you "research" him online?

Dylan's Muse and Your Favorite Love Songs
    The woman who inspired some of the most famous ballads of all time has passed away.

Are Men More Likely to Flirt If You Don't Wear Makeup?
    I asked three male friends if they're more likely to approach a woman who is keeping it simple ... and here's what they said.

The Biological Reason Why Breaking Up is So Hard
    How our bodies talk us into getting back with our exes.

Why You Should Let Your Guy Look at Other Women
    A new study shows that forbidding the action will only make him want to more.

New Study: People Are (Sometimes) Programmed to Stay Faithful
    When most research claims otherwise, this is good news for people interested in fidelity!

Why So Many Men Don't Ask Questions on a First Date
    If he's going on and on ... and on, it may just be because of evolution.

Would You Sleep With a Dog?
    No, like, a literal dog. A labrador retreiver, say. Should pets be allowed in the bedroom?

Are Men Who Make Less Money Less Sexy?
    "Breadwinner wives" -- or women who outearn their husbands -- are becoming more and more common.

5 Movies With the Best Realistic Sex Scenes
    Should there be more realistic sex on the big screen? Which flicks have some of the best sex scenes you've ever seen?

Can You Date Without Drinking?
    Have you ever tried being sober during your first hang-out session with a guy?

3 Things Single People Can Do to Feel the Love on Valentine's Day
    Even if you're flying solo, you can do a few truly cool things to spread the love today.

Our Favorite Way to Talk about Love
    Do you have a crush? Are you on fire? Is he hot? We use metaphors all the time to describe how we feel about love.

Top 5 Coolest New Dating Sites to Try
    Now that has sold out (literally), where's a girl to go to find a good online date?

Why Every Failed Relationship Is Really a Success
    Just because it's over doesn't mean you failed.

Do Overachievers Lack the "Skill Set" for Relationships?
    Are obsessively goal-oriented people at a loss when it comes to Relationships 101?

New Study: Men Get Attached More Easily Than Women
    A new survey indicates that they do -- which the researchers find oddly surprising.

What Your Neighborhood Says about Your Dating Vocabulary
    A new interactive map reveals the funny words that people most commonly use to describe themselves, depending on what part of the country they live in.

Katie Couric: Proof Men Like Older, Powerful Women
    New photos of Katie Couric and her much-younger boyfriend? Hot!

4 Fascinating Facts about Kissing
    A scientist writes a book about the evolution of the kiss.

Sundance Hit Like Crazy Explores Long-Distance Relationships
    The critically acclaimed film fest flick explores whether relationships can really go the distance.

New Study: Young Couples Unknowingly Disagree about Monogamy
    A new study finds that one partner in nearly half of young couples think they're in a monogamous relationship ... but the other partner doesn't.

The o.b. Tampon Shortage: Eco-Conscious Alternatives
    The o.b. shortage got people talking about the most environmentally sound ways to deal when that time of the month rolls around.

How to Protect Yourself From a Stalker
    A new TV series tells the stories of women who were relentlessly pursued by dangerous men. The show's criminal psychologist talks to us about ways to stay safe.

Should Dumping Happen Fast or Slow?
    Do you rip that Band-Aid off? Or is it nicer to do it gently, withdrawing over the course of a few weeks?

Would You Marry a Robot?
    An expert predicts that'll be a common practice by the year 2050.

3 Reasons Not to Email When Dating
    An MIT professor of technology has suggestions about when to avoid emailing or texting with someone you've just started seeing.

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