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Read about Marie Claire's dating blogger's experience with men, sex, and relationships.

Five Signs Someone's a Crazy Dog Lady

The Case of the Mysterious Weight Gain

The Atonishing Power of Eye Contact!

Best Cities for Singles--according to hard data!

8 Ways to Use Books to Flirt (Even if You Don't Read Much)

A Flirtatious Cautionary Tale

The Only Two Flirty Body Language Moves You Need to Know

One Time When You Should Definitely Not Give A Guy Your Number

Flirty Hair: How to Look Your Blow-Dried Best

The Suprising Reason Some Guys Are Just Not That Into It

Doing the Facebook-Stalk

A Happily-Ever-After (Almost-Never-Was) Story

What's the New Industry Standard?

Can You Have Chemistry With Someone Who Sucks at Kissing?

Anxiety, You Got Me on the Run

Little White Lies Men Should Always Tell

A Nice Way to Say "I'm Just Not That Into You"

Should You Play Hard to Get?
    My friend Harry Berkely thinks it's always a good idea, and advises you should never write back to a guy more quickly than it's taken him to write you. Some of my other guy friends had different opinions ... What do you think?

Body Language Basics and the Hard-Hat Hottie

Am I Getting All Tied Up for No Good Reason?

Halt! Don't Go There!: Places Where You Should *Never* Look for Dates

Why Do YOU Look at Boys?

Who's Your Indie-Rock Crush?

What NOT to Say On a First Date

What's the worst bomb you've ever dropped on a first date?

Managing Modern-Day Relationships: Can We Box in Our Feelings According to Rules?

How to Be Happy--Even If You're Single (Tips from *The Happiness Project*)

What's the Best Way to Make Sure Sex Stays Casual?

Casual Sex: Maybe It's Not Women Who Can't Have it - But Men!

How to "Help" a Guy Ask for Your Number

Flirtatious Dressing and Body Language: Tips from expert Neil Strauss

How to Make Quality Small Talk: Advice from Flirtation Expert Neil Strauss

Flirtation at the Bagel Shop: A Success?
    Maggie-turned-Maura spots a musician at the bagel shop ... and asks him about his, er, instrument. Do you think her approach was suave?

Three Myths About Modern-Day Sex Debunked
    Maggie talks with sex-book author Paula Derrow about sex with younger men, sex with your bad self, and sex at age 75.

5 Pointers on Flirting While Using Public Transportation

Behind the Bedroom Door: Sex in Today's World
    The editor of a new anthology about modern-day sex talks about whether or not women can have sex "like a man," how much sex the average woman is having, and the orgasms of women in their seventies.

I Finally Started Flirting!
    One woman tells her dating tales to

Why Women Over 30 Are Sexy
    Guys tell why they would love to be randomly approached by a 30-something woman. has the story.

Why NOT Live Flirtatiously? (Oh. Yeah. Being Terrified Is One Good Reason.)

Internet Dating Burnout Syndrome, Part Two: The Symptoms
    A blogger talks about getting burnout from Internet dating.

For Love or Money: How Finances Can Affect a Relationship

Do you have Internet Dating Burn-Out Syndrome?

Do I Have Issues? An Interview with the Author of American Therapy
    I talk to a psych expert to find out if there's something fundamentally wrong with me since I haven't found love yet — and learn that maybe the problem is societal.

So, What's My Problem?

Welcome to My Year of Living Flirtatiously
    How the hell had I gotten so old? And how the hell was it that I was still so single?

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