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How to Care for Your Hair Home
Learn how to do your own hair like a professional with these hair care and styling tips!

Long-Lasting Hairstyles
    Marie Claire's beauty editors tell you how to make your hairdo last all night.

Split Ends
    Marie Claire's beauty department tells you how to eliminate annoying split ends.

Hair Lightening
    Is it harmful to lighten your hair for a long time?

Hair Cut Frequency
    My hairstylist insists that I need a haircut every six to eight weeks to maintain my layers.

Oily Hair
    What can I do to restore the pH balance of my hair? It looks dry, but it’s actually oily and coarse.

Hair Loss
    I recently had a baby; prior to delivery, my hair was thick and bouncy. Now I’ve lost all that bounce and more.

Japanese Straightening
    I straightened my hair using the Japanese technique over a year ago. I would like to do it again but am a little scared of the potential damage. Is it safe to do it again?

Dry Hair
    My hair is dry and overprocessed from being dyed for several years. Is there a shampoo and conditioner that will help without weighing my hair down—and doesn't cost a fortune?

Dull Hair
    What’s the best way to remove hair-product residue?

Hair Growth
    How can I get my hair to grow longer?

Growing Out Your Bangs
    Are there some stylish ways to keep the bangs out of my face?

Curling Irons
    What is the best curling iron to use that won't damage hair?

Frizzy Hair
    What can I do to make my curly hair less frizzy? I tried mousse, gel and hairspray but then my hair felt crispy.

Long-Lasting Hair Colors

Going Gray
    Clip or dye? Marie Claire's beauty editors answer your gray dilemmas.

Wavy Hair
    Marie Claire gives you tips for wavy, shiny, full-bodied hair.

Shampooing Daily
    Let Marie Claire's beauty expert answer your questions on how often you should shampoo your hair.

The Best Blow-Dry
    Marie Claire's beauty editors give you solutions for taming frizzy hair.

Removing Hair Color
    Marie Claire tells you how to correct a bad dye job.

Color-Treated Hair
    Marie Claire's beauty editors help you revitalize your color-treated hair.

Dry Roots
    How to Treat an Oily Scalp and Dry Roots

Update Your Hairstyle
    Updating Your Hairstyle

Hate Your Haircut?