Rock Your Vote: A Presidential Candidate Primer

Still not sure if you're an Obama Girl or a Romney-ac? Our election cheat sheet explains where the presidential candidates stand on seven key issues. Take this to the polls!


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    Jobs & Pay

    Barack Obama:

    HIS RECORD Touts 4.5 million private sector jobs added on his watch, but unemployment hovers at 8 percent. The first law he signed made it easier for women to sue for pay discrminiation.

    IF HE WINS Plans to invest in U.S. manufacturing by punishing businesses that move jobs overseas. No word on whether he'd boost the minimum wage or propose a jobs bill.

    NOTE: As of Sepetember, the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.8 percent.

    Mitt Romney:

    HIS RECORD He cites his CEO résumé as evidence that he could create American jobs, but his tenure at private-equity firm Bain Capital has come under fire because the company invested in firms that specialized in outsourcing jobs overseas.

    IF HE WINS When it comes to jobs, he's in the trickle-down camp—that is, he believes if CEOs are happy, they'll be more likely to hire the rest of us.

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