Rock Your Vote: A Presidential Candidate Primer

Still not sure if you're an Obama Girl or a Romney-ac? Our election cheat sheet explains where the presidential candidates stand on seven key issues. Take this to the polls!


October 8, 2012 3:24 PM
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Daniel Acker/Getty Images


Barack Obama:

HIS RECORD Obama is a big fan of the so-called Buffett rule—a tax hike for millionaires and a break for the middle class. But so far, congressional Republicans say any higher taxes are a deal-breaker.

IF HE WINS He'll be praying Congress swings Democrat in 2012. Otherwise, he's not raising taxes on anyone.

Mitt Romney:

HIS RECORD Romney never raised taxes as governor of Massachusetts; instead, he raised revenue by closing loopholes.

IF HE WINS He said, "Corporations are people," and would keep it that way. His proposal would give a huge break to businesses and the wealthy, but one independent analysis says he'd raise middle-class taxes.