Rock Your Vote: A Presidential Candidate Primer

Still not sure if you're an Obama Girl or a Romney-ac? Our election cheat sheet explains where the presidential candidates stand on seven key issues. Take this to the polls!


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    Birth Control

    Barack Obama:

    HIS RECORD His Affordable Care Act made birth control available without a co-pay for insured women; has been a staunch defender of Planned Parenthood. But he blocked girls 16 and under from getting Plan B over the counter.

    IF HE WINS Our access to birth control would grow, since everyone must be insured under Obamacare by 2014.

    Mitt Romney:

    HIS RECORD As Massachusetts governor, Romney vetoed a bill to make Plan B available over the counter. Has voiced support for a measure to let employers deny contraceptive coverage on the basis of conscience.

    IF HE WINS Those pills and IUDs may be harder to get. Romney wants to "get rid of" Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare.

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