Rachel Bertsche

woman swinging golf club
How to Drive a Golf Ball
Do you think you'll be a natural when its time for your first drive?
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football next to a laptop in the grass
How to Win Your Fantasy Football League
Heres why you want to join a fantasy football league.
football in the grass
How to Throw a Football
Throwing a football correctly, with spiral, is not so easy.
basketball swishing through a hoop
Basketball Guide: How to Shoot a Free Throw
Games are won and lost on free throws.
woman holding dart board
How to Throw a Dartl
Success comes with consistency and precision, not strength.
billiard balls and pool stick
How to Play Pool
A mean pool game really will help your street cred at the local dive bar.
horses racing
How to Bet on a Horse Race
Don't just pick the horse with the coolest name.
man and woman kissing beside an airplane
The Absence of Me Time
The absence of "me" time.