Tara McKelvey

lynndie england
Lynndie England : A Soldier's Tale
The face of Abu Ghraib.
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Who Killed Lavena Johnson?
A young soldier's mysterious death in Iraq leaves her family searching for answers from the military.
john mccain
Mile High With John McCain
The candidate takes time out on his campaign plane to talk with us.
In and Out of the Slammer
What a bummer to be released from jail, only to find out it was a mistake and youd have to go back.
Patti Solis Doyle: The Woman Behind Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton's campaign manager.
katie levinson walking with rudy giuliani
Katie Levinson: The Woman Behind Rudy Giuliani
Communications director for the presidential campaign.
female soldiers
Life as a Female Soldier
Life on the front lines involves stuff men never have to think about.
Interview with Mike Huckabee
On trans fats, thongs, and presidential ambitions
protest rally
When Mom Has a Secret
In prison for crimes she committed in her 20s.
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Interview with John Edwards
Q&A With John Edwards
The presidential candidate