Jan Goodwin

leia mondragon is a freegan
Freegan: She lives off what we throw away
They're called freegans eco-extremists who subsist on what we toss in the trash. Are they crazy or are we?
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gulabi gang in india
India's Poorest Women Fight Back
Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India's poorest women are fighting back.
italian exchange student murder
The Italian Murder Mystery
Amanda Knox has spent a year in jail, accused by a corrupt legal system of murdering her roommate.
captured suicide bomber's vest
When the Suicide Bomber Is a Woman
On the day before she set out to kill...
Female Genital Mutilation
One survivor is fighting for change.
turkish family
Honor Suicides
Honor Suicides
women in pakistan praying
River Deep Mountain High
It's up to the women to save themselves.
calista flockhart
More Than a Pretty Face
You know her best as a prime-time actress, but these days, Calista Flockhart would rather be recognized as an advocate for ending viole…