Cleo Glyde

margaret cho
Cho and Tell
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short asian woman next to tall blond woman
Body Shape: 6 Women's Stories
Size doesn't matter
amusement park rides in the west bank city of jenin palestine
Where the Girls Are...
When a strict code of dress prevails, hows a girl supposed to kick up her heels?
town of ghazini in turkey
The Best Boutique in Town
Eye on the World
After a day working in the fields, these Indian children get their one, clandestine chance at an education.
The Secret Night School
One chance at an education.
woman with bible opening taxi door for girl
Bible Study: A Week of Living Biblically
Cleo Glyde gives it a try.
It Job: Jaguar Tagger
An impossibly exotic résumé.
Marzia with daughter Noyi - kite makers of Kabul.
The Kite Makers of Kabul
Afghanistan's only female kite makers.
Fashion Road Test: The Crop
Are You Ready for the Crop?
Fall's new must-have accessory.
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woman in blue burkini with boogie board guys
Are You Ready for the Burkini?
Fashion Road Test
man staring at woman in pink turban
The Urban Turban
Fashion Road Test
Are Models Too Skinny?
"My 11-Grape Diet": A Model Confesses
Models are literally dying to be skinny.
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Shopping Music
Shopping Music: How Stores Get You To Spend
Power shopping
Cate The Great
More reasons to love the star