Eileen Conlan

girl cleaning counter with plastic gloves
5 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets
Multitasking items under $30 to help you build a proper kitchen arsenal.
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Need to Read: The Wrong Mother
Crime-fiction writer Sophie Hannah has a bone to pick with suburban women who think they can have it all.
model in cream jacket over black blouse and black and white skirt
Six Questions to Ask Before Relocating
The ex-pat checklist.
migas recipe
Cooking for One: Breakfast for Dinner
Vegetarian Migas with Spicy Ranchero Sauce, Homemade Tortilla Chips and Simple Arugula Salad with Lime Dressing
How to Throw a Party for Less Than $100
Staying in is the new going out.
paul newman and joanne woodward
How to Spot Your Soul Mate
This relationship guru came up with four types, and figured out the best combos.
cover of the book rich like them
How Did The Wealthy Get Rich?
Ever wonder who the wealthy folks are?
what to wear for the holidays
The Fool-Proof Guide to Holiday Style
Pull together a party perfect look for every plus-one bash this season. So cmon, get shopping. The Evites - and bubbly - will be flowin…
Classic suits for a day at the office
Make Your Best First
You've only got seconds to make a lasting impression.
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eric dane in a jacket and tie
Two Minute Date with Greys Anatomy's Eric Dane
Eric Dane isn't the dog you think he is. Unless you're unconscious, odds are you've reveled in one of Eric Dane's sweat-inducing struts…
avon breast cancer walk houston texas
What I Love About Me: Houston, TX
The big-hearted women of Houston, TX, chatted us up at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
Fashion Style-Off! 1 Vest, 3 Ways
Wanna get more style mileage?
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model olga sherer
Model Diaries: The Freshman
These catwalkers were the stars of the fashion shows last March.
female executive
Read These Books — Kick Ass at Work
Weve scoured the shelves for the best career guides, required reading for the woman eyeing the executive suite.
girl laying down relaxing
5 Vacations to Boost Your Career
Any vacation that de-stresses and refreshes will improve your outlook and performance at work.
single girl alone in apartment
13 Things We Learned from Living Alone
The good, the bad, and the humorous.
elise overland signature style
Find Your Signature Style
Moody blues: 4 of today's freshest designers.
rainn wilson
Two-Minute Date: Rainn Wilson
Everyone's favorite socially awkward paper-supply drone from The Office sheds the LensCrafters glasses and center hair part for leather…
coworker relations
Coworker Relationships
Here are some important tips for, yes, exploiting those coworker relationships for your long-term success.
board room business
How to Network
When it comes to networking, working a room can be daunting, especially for those uncomfortable with the social pressures of schmoozing…
Can You Be Too Friendly At Work?
At one of my first internships during college, another girl I worked with, also an intern, was extremely friendly. In the beginning, I …
give away stuff you don't use, de-clutter your life, clutter
5 Easy Ways to Get Organized
Simple tidying could avoid an egregious waste of time and productivity.
More Than the Bare Minimum
When I was 16, I worked as a lifeguard at the local tennis club. But this was no ordinary, lounging in the sun gig. When my one-hour sh…
To Tech or Not to Tech: Keeping in Touch with Co-Workers
The other day, I received a Facebook request from an old boss who had actually never spoken directly to me when our workspaces were 10 …
More Than it Hurts You
resume and cell phone
How to Score a Job That Pays Over $100K Annually
Only 5% or so of the nation pulls in over $100,000 a year.
The Vacation Day
One of my responsibilities at Marie Claire is assisting our managing editor, Leslie, who controls the budgets and the nitty-gritty wor…
Get an Organic Workspace
My desk has been a mess lately. I blame it on looming deadlines—with so much to get done, I rationalize that I don't have the time to s…