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9 to 5, dolly parton
The Best Motivational Tunes for Monday Mornings
Download these songs to your iPod and hit the repeat button. These five classic tunes should become as critical a Monday morning staple…
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How to Contact Past Job References
We rounded up five experts to answer: What's the best way to get back in touch with job references?
10 ways to spend your leap your bonus day.
How to Spend Your Tax Refund
We rounded up five experts to answer: What's the best way to spend my tax refund?
model in white trench in airport with baggage
Move It or Lose It
I'm Working 17 Hour Days — Help Me!
I oversee workers in India, London, and New York, so my first conference call starts every day at 7 a.m. and my last one ends by midnig…
I'm Single and Being Discriminated Against
What does the happily unmarried woman do when her boss won't invite her to dinner parties because they're couples-only? I feel like I'm…
stylish pets in costumes
Can I Bring My Dog to Work?
I have a precious little teacup dog who doesn't bother anyone and can fit in my purse. Can I bring her to work with me?
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girl holding question mark sign
Pop-Culture Quiz
QUESTION: On Seinfeld, when George slept with the cleaning woman in the office, what present did he try to buy her silence with?
woman reading newspaper and magazine
Help! I Hate One of My CoWorkers
There's a colleague I simply cannot get along with, and we were just assigned to work on a project together. I asked my boss to reconsi…
harold and kumar Go to White Castle, 2004
Irritable Boss Syndrome
My boss gets moody every time he finishes a phone call with his wife, then takes it out on our whole team, often yelling at us. Do we h…
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handle sensitive questions with finesse
Should I Shop Around for New Jobs?
I've been getting calls lately from competitors about job openings. Should I take the meetings even if I'm not really interested?
slice of wolfgang puck's marjolaine cake
The Reluctant Sugar Mama
Sure, I enjoy cake in the afternoon, but do I have to pitch in for every coworker's birthday, even the people I'd never talk to outsid…
Downsize This
Dear Cubicle Coach: My consulting firm just oversaw the downsizing of a client, and the company--or what's left of it anyway - was so …
Spilling The (Personal) Beans
Although none of my colleagues knows it, I'm going through a divorce. I'm an emotional wreck at work, acting irritable and sobbing i…
model's eyelid with dollar signs reflecting under her eye
Salary Secrets and Lies
Dear Cubicle Coach: What's the best response when a recruiter asks in an interview how much money you make at your current job?
Medical Leave Angst
Next Up: Ropes Course
My team recently got a new director who has us do bonding and trust-building exercises, like telling revealing personal stories. I feel…
Generation Slacker
Dear Cubicle Coach: The younger staffers in my office feel entitled. They leave on time and get sullen when I ask them to go above and …
Kill Her With Kindness
I'm the Boss . . . For Now
While my supervisor has been on maternity leave, I've stepped up and become the leader of the department. Can I ask for a new title, or…
model in a sleep pod at the google offices in mountain view california
Can I Nap At Work?
Sometimes I like to take a snooze for 15 minutes during my lunch break, either at my desk or occasionally in the stairwell. Bad career …
How to Deal With the Lurking Co-Worker
I have this annoying colleague who simply won't leave my office. I've tried the usual tricks but she doesn't get the hint. Other than c…
How To Deal With a Racist Coworker
One of my coworkers makes racist jokes and seems to think I won't be offended because we're in the same ethnic group. I don't want to …
How to Leave Your Job on a Good Note
I've been with my current company for seven years but am now moving on. How do I leave on a good note for everyone?
three models in a conference room with three infants
Why Do Working Moms Get All The Perks?
Our manager often makes the work of those with kids a higher priority so they can be the first ones to leave. I shouldn't have to pick …
Advice For The New Boss
I'm a new boss with a hiring quandary: The internal candidate is competent but ordinary, while the other choice is a wild card.
20 dollar bill
How To Negotiate a Pay Cut
My company says they like me but can't afford my salary anymore-they need me to take a 25 percent pay cut. Can they do this? Am I nuts …
girl and guy kissing
I Kissed My Coworker! What Now?
Things got a little out of hand at an office party yesterday, and I ended up making out with a colleague. Do we talk about what happene…