Shyema Azam

Q&A: Bollywood Legend, Makeup Artist Mickey Contractor
Touted for his expert hand at the 'no-makeup' look, Mickey Contractor is a Bollywood legend. The famed makeup artists sat down to give …
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Yuna Zarai Brings Her Sound and Style to the US.
Already famous in her native Malaysia, singer Yuna Zari brings her music and her fashions sense stateside.
Skinny Water: How Fergie Lost 17 Pounds
I dont have much in common with this months cover model, Fergie but we have similar tastes when it comes to drinks.
helena houdova
Supermodel Helena Houdova Reaches New Heights
Since 2004, Czech supermodel Helena Houdova has been actively helping children all over the world.
beautiful women in dubai
What I Love About Me: Dubai
Even with the local economy cooling, it's still plenty hot in Dubai, the most modern, multiculti metropolis in the Arab Emirates.
woman by window in striped lingerie
Easy Ways To Get In The Mood
Kick work stress out of the bedroom and get back to business.
Spring Beauty Trend: Setting Powders
I can't say I ever really knew the need of setting powder until mineral powders were all the rage.
Getting the royal treatment at The Guerlain Spa
When you book a massage or facial, you get your own suite, complete with full size windows, your own bathroom with a vanity and waterfa…
putumayo world music
Starting Early on Anti-Aging?
After reading so many stories on wrinkles I have already begun my anti-aging regimens - yes, in my mid-20s
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putumayo world music
A Little Piece of India
I went to India for the first time a year ago and Im already craving to return.
model with fake tan
Save Money on Your Hair
I have been trying to trim on some of my beauty expenditures, trading brands for DIY concoctions in the kitchen.
On-the-Go Eye Shadows
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New Hair, New You?
smiling woman with her hands to her face
The 30 Second Facial
Single Sex
When Sexual Desires Turn Addictive

At what point does your craving for sex cross the line?

red cocktail
Tips for a Well-Stocked Bar
Lady Booze! Banish the wine cooler.
woman drinking cocktail
How to Stock a Bar for Your Holiday Party
Who has time to make canapés and polish crystal stemware? Let's keep hosting as easy as possible.
Bat For Lashes
Concert Review: Bat for Lashes
Talented, indeed.
How to Throw a Party for Any Occasion
Expert tips.