Yael Kohen

Inside the Making of 'Wonder Woman'

The forthcoming blockbuster doesn't just have a female star—women are running the show behind the scenes, too.

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3 Cool Jobs You Didn't Even Know Existed

And the women who do them.

Jessica Williams Is the New Queen of Comedy
'The Daily Show's youngest correspondent ever. Cohost of cult podcast '2 Dope Queens'. Her own Comedy Central series. Here, Williams re…
How TaskRabbit's New CEO Is Changing the Game
Stacy Brown-Philpot's appointment as the errand app's CEO makes her one of Silicon Valley's lone women of color in the top spot. And th…
Girls Allowed: Meet the Upstart Women Storming Late Night TV's Boys' Club

It's *officially* ladies' night.

Urban Legends: How 'Broad City's Stars Turned Millennial Malaise into Comedy Gold

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer get serious(ly funny). 

What Badass Bosses Know

Take your career cues from TV's HBICs and say buh-bye to fetching coffee for good.

wonder woman
Holding Out For A Hero
The epic, untold 15-year saga to resurrect Wonder Woman, and what it means for the future of badass women on the big screen.
jill gregory vice president of industry services at NASCAR
This Woman Holds The Future of NASCAR in Her Hands
"If I sat in an office every day, I would go nuts in a week."
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These Women Create What You Should Binge-Watch on Netflix
How the original, wacky, and totally compelling Orange Is the New Black is changing the game in Hollywood. Bring it.
The Risk Taker: Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss went from stand-up comedian to early Internet innovator. Now she's vice president of digital innovation, content, and new …
Queen of the Night: Jill Leiderman
The late-night wars are raging again! This time, the smart money's on Jill Leiderman, the woman who helped turn Jimmy Kimmel Live! into…
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Jennifer Weiner Vs. the World
Her 10 books have sold more than 4 million copies and have consistently landed her at the top of best-seller lists. So why is Jennifer …
Elizabeth Banks: A Player Is Born
The unfiltered, hard-charging, and ridiculously overscheduled life of actress-producer Elizabeth Banks what she crams into a single da…
It's Kind of a Funny Story
With her buddy-cop movie The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, hitting theaters this summer, up-and-coming comedy wri…
Mann on Fire
Hollywood's most reliable funny girl, Leslie Mann, finally takes the spotlight in This is 40, an uproarious send-up of marriage and mot…
chelsea handler marie claire at work
Chelsea Handler is Everywhere
How the audaciously funny Chelsea Handler parlayed a successful cable talk show into a money-minting media empire. And she's only just…
Game Changer
Millions of die-hard female fans are changing the face of pro sports in this countryeverything from who's running the teams to who's bu…
When Alpha Girls Divorce
Heather Hostetter, one of D.C.'s top divorce attorneys, reveals how she helps working women protect their hard-earned assets.
megyn kelly
Megyn Kelly on Good Looks, Fox News & Jon Stewart
None of Fox News' anchors compete for airtime quite like her. We caught up with the 40-year-old mother of two, just back from maternity…
actresses  from the movie sex in the city two
Sex and the City Is Back!
Everyone's favorite Manolo-wearing foursome is returning to the big screen. In an exclusive interview, find out about the stars' friend…
corked book
Need to Read: Corked
In her debut memoir, Corked, Kathryn Borel unpacks a tragicomic father-daughter drinkfest through the finest French vineyards.
Stiletto Stoners
They've got killer careers and enviable social lives. They're also major potheads. Why are so many smart, successful women lighting up …
sarah palin
How Do You Survive the World's Most Public Defeat?
Just ask Sarah Palin's handler, Nicolle Wallace.
funny female comediens
We'll Show You Who's FUNNY
With Amy Poehler's new sitcom, Parks and Recreation, premiering this month, and Tina Fey ruling Hollywood from atop a pile of Emmys, fu…
Holy Sex: Dating the Evangelical Way
The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University
man looking at mannequins in lingerie in storefront window
Sex in the Time of Recession
Does less money mean more lovin'? We crunched the numbers.
woman taking a photograph
How to Look Fabulous in Photos
Tired of frumpy photos, Yael Kohen turned to the image experts for lessons in looking fabulous on film.
How to Talk About Politics You Don't Understand
A cocktail-party guide to where the candidates stand on the big questions.
How to Talk Politics
How to engage in spirited debate without the fisticuffs.