Joanne Chen


Your Guide to Sleeping Better and Waking Up With More Energy

How to really make the most of your time in the bedroom.

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Beat a Cough with this Natural (and Yummy) Remedy
Forget the drugstore for kicking a cough, go natural with this golden remedy. Also, don't forget to check out Fight The Flu Like a Fash…
The Four-Minute Workout
A quick workout makes for long-term results
good vibe vitamins
The Case for Taking Good-Vibe Vitamins
Avoid the holiday blues by popping the essentials.
Go Ahead, Take a Mental Getaway
The treehouses at Chewton Glen.
Health News

You've been hearing about the Affordable Care Act for years, but its benefits for women are just now starting to roll in.

It Pays To Exercise
A little sweat can pay off in big ways.
The Rebel Diet
Born to eat wild? Have an on-again, off-again relationship with healthy eating? You'll love the latest weight-loss news.
woman on phone booth
The Napping Revolution
A new surge in sleep science suggests that 10 minutes of midday shut-eye could be the ultimate wellness-booster.
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girl in park
Reasons to Leave the Office Early
Don't be afraid to duck out of the office before your eight hours is up, now that we've found four reasons to skip out early.
Your Brain on Sugar
It gives you a rush, messes with your mind, and always leaves you wanting more and now researchers are calling for the government to r…
Milking It
Dairy alternatives have cropped up faster than you can say "vegan cupcake." But are they healthier?
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The Do-Anywhere Workout
Gabriel Valencia, founder of NYC's Focus Fitness and trainer to some of Manhattan's busiest power players, shares an office, home, or h…
Get-Ahead Diet Guide
Want to wow everyone at your next big presentation? Check out which foods will feed your brain and fuel those million-dollar ideas.
fruit yogurt muesli parfait strawberries blackberries raspberries blueberries
Eat Lots, Lose Weight
A slimming cheat sheet on Volumetrics, the science-backed strategy that big-portion lovers swear by.
woman in ropes
Learning the Ropes
To get your ultimate high-performance body, try the secret weapon of models and Olympians: the Redcord workout.
shoe with foods
The Petite Advantage: Small Changes for a Big Impact
A nutrition expert's latest book, specifically designed to help busy women 5'4" and shorter lose weight, includes easy-to-follow rules …
The Best Cold-Weather Comfort Foods
Eat your way to more energy, better skin, and a stronger immune system this winter.
Is Your High-Tech Life Making You Sick?
As slick devices take over our home and homes away from home, whispers of techno-health hazards keep flying. We get to the bottom of wh…
An Ab Fab Workout
Three tricks to having more energy, even if you don't get more snooze time.Celeb trainer Harley Pasternak shows us three key moves to t…
woman sleeping
How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep
Three tricks to having more energy, even if you don't get more snooze time.
beach hair
How to Get Beach Hair
New-and-improved bed head less "dirty," more glam is taking to streets this summer.
salmon with capers and a sauce
The Truth About Salmon
Genetically modified salmon is one controversial, so we got a doc to separate the fishy facts from reality.
Why Anger Is the New Sex
How the Internet and TV are making you mad
beauty supplements
Buyer Beware: Online Rxs
Buying drugs online has never been quicker, easier or riskier.
Mental Getaway
Check out the website for people who love yoga... and food.
How to Feel Full Longer
A new study reports that how a food smells helps determine how satiating it is.
The Gyno Cheat Sheet
Just because less frequent cervical cancer screenings (aka Pap tests) are now recommended doesn't mean you should be a stranger to the …
Dairy Queen: Milk Just Keeps Doing a Body Good
Nature's Ambien (when heated), bone-building milk benefits the body from head to toe.