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Save Green Going Green

Get savvy with your sustainability.

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reusable bag key chain
5 Easy Ways To Remember Your Reusable
How will I - as lazy, forgetful or busy as I am - remember to bring my reusable bag? And every single time I go to the store? I'm doome…
reusable bag key chain
BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag!
BYOB! Bring Your Own Bag.
woman in pink dress holding gift wrapped in green with purple ribbon
Regifting: The Latest Eco-Trend
Regifting is one of the most environmentally responsible things you can do.
leaves in a glass
Organic Beauty 101
Though rich and lathery, these body washes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners are completely odorlessbelieve me, I did a sniff test.
FoodTee Markets line of adorable 100 percent organic cotton tees make it easier to remember our veggies.
Looking Good In Green
Theorys Green Capsule Collection
green drinks
Green Dating 101
Sustainably-sensitive singles no longer need move to Vermont, Colorado, or the nearest hippie commune to find love. Instead, just hit u…
Battery Recycling 101
We wait an average of 500 days before pulling a Hefner and upgrading to the youngest model. But what about the environmental effects?
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woman with laptop
Decrease Your Financial Footprint
Not only is the paper check inefficient, its also a poor deal for the environment.
How To Stop Incessant Phone Book Deliveries
Phone books are terrible for the environment.
laundry drying on the line
This Summer: Save Money, Stay Cool, Save the Planet
Turn summer into the season of savings, saving money, the planet, and yourself from heat stroke.
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green light bulbs
What To Do If Your Compact Fluorescent Bulb Breaks
Take a bulb-break seriously by following these simple guidelines.
brad pitt
7 Sexiest Green Celebs
Many of Hollywood's heavyweights are using their fame to spread the good green word.
Cut Back On More Than Your C02 Emissions
From turning off the lights to using energy efficient appliances, there are hundreds of ways to eco-nomize.
square one organic watermelon refresher
Eco Chic Cocktails
Make your dirty martini just a little cleaner and greener.
Even Umbrellas Can Be Green
Yes, this pretty polka-dot umbrella is more than just arm candy. Its eco-innovation at its best.
red and white nailpolish on nails
Organic Beauty 101
Your nails and the planet will love it.