Maggie Glendon

So, A Guy Asked Me to Use a Dildo—on Him
"I enjoy a kind of sex that people don't usually associate with straight men," he said.
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Flirtation at the Bagel Shop: A Success?
I spot a musician at the bagel shop ... and ask him about his, er, instrument. Do you think my approach was suave?
Behind the Bedroom Door: Sex in Today's World
The editor of a new anthology about modern-day sex talks about whether or not women can have sex "like a man," how much sex the average…
I Finally Started Flirting!
On a night when I saw three different exes, I also met two new strange men, attended one art exhibit, sat next to one of my favorite au…
Why NOT Live Flirtatiously? (Oh. Yeah. Being Terrified Is One Good Reason.)
How many times have I gone to a party and not met anyone new? A lot. And how many times have I then missed out on meeeting approximatel…
Internet Dating Burnout Syndrome, Part Two: The Symptoms
The other problem I started to have with Internet dating was how terribly awkward and disappointing it could be. Even after I'd learned…
For Love or Money: How Finances Can Affect a Relationship
The author of a great new anthology, The Secret Currency of Love, talks about how money affects all of our relationships — and offers a…
Do you have Internet Dating Burn-Out Syndrome?
I'd started to feel like I'd reached Internet Dating Burn-Out Syndrome a couple of months ago, when it seemed that the only people who …
Do I Have Issues? An Interview with the Author of American Therapy
I talk to a psych expert to find out if there's something fundamentally wrong with me since I haven't found love yet and learn that ma…
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So, What's My Problem?
Welcome to My Year of Living Flirtatiously

How the hell had I gotten so old? And how the hell was it that I was still so single?