Geraldine Campbell

The Dieter's Dilemma
Can you navigate your diet without turning into a complete social killjoy? Geraldine Campbell learns how to just say no most of the ti…
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the help
The Clique Mentality
Why does the phrase "members only" never go out of style? Geraldine Campbell examines the gaggle effect.
face with fingertips
Are You OCD About Your Skin?
We know it's wrong to pick and prod at our blemishes but can't seem to help ourselves. Now, how to outsmart the urge to excavate.
woman with red lipstick pressing a fork to her lips
Girl's Guide to Detoxing
Six different ways to detox, how they work, and what you should know before you try them.
clothes on a rack
5 Tips for a Clean and Stylish Closet

Here are five easy tips for an organized closet.

best foundation for your skin
Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine
3 things you need to keep your skin healthy.