Ashlee Davis

5 Easy Ways to Switch to (Healthier!) Greek Yogurt
Think it's too tart? Some say it actually tastes better!
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How to Find Your Signature Scent

I never thought I had a signature scent until I took the fragrance finder quiz! Learn how to choose yours.

Project Runway Contestant, Logan Neitzel
Logan Neitzel has tried out for Project Runway more than once so he has some auditioning experience.
Project Runway Contestant, Carol Hannah Whitfields
Carol Hannah Whitfields is too cute for words! On her closet tour, she shares her style by presenting some of her favorite outfits, man…
Project Runway Contestant, Shirin Askari
Keep an eye on contestant Shirin Askari this season! She's fresh out of college, where she was a star student. This girl is definitely …
Can You Compete with This Date from Hell?
Whether you're listening to a friend or telling it yourself, there's nothing like a bad date story.
Get ready Project Runway fans: Season 6 kicks off August 20!
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are back with 16 new designers, who are ready to take on crazy challenges and impress the judges.
ricard cocktails
Happy Bastille Day: Vive La France!
If you're still wearing red, white, and blue, wishing that 4th of July weekend didn't end, have no fear! There is reason for continued …
Fashion Gives Back – Raising Awareness of Child Sex Trafficking
Fashion Gives Back and History Starts Now raise awareness of child trafficking.
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Hadasity Designs: Vintage Inspired Wearable Wire Art
Jewelry designer and wire artist Hadassah Lau moved from Singapore to New York City to create her jewelry line.
lake bell
7 Easy Steps to Lake Bell's Red Carpet Hairstyle
Stylist Ted Gibson shows you how to get Lake Bell's red carpet hairstyle in seven easy steps.
Blog Crush: Wit & Whimsy
W&W covers fashion, beauty, food, fitness, books, celebrities, city life, travel, technology and more.
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cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz's Favorite Green Websites
Cameron Diaz traveled across America to learn what worries us most about the environment. The eco-friendly superstars documentary raise…
tim gunn toy
Gifts for the Project Runway Enthusiast
It's not size, label, or even the thought that counts - it's all about style. Here, chic gift ideas fit for the runway.
Anne Hathaway
6 Easy Steps to Anne Hathaway's Red Carpet Hairstyle
Stylist Ted Gibson shows you how to get Anne Hathaways red carpet hairstyle in six easy steps.
bikini bottom with tan lines
Road to Healthy Skin
The Skin Cancer Foundation's Road to Healthy Skin Tour offers free skin cancer screenings and education about skin cancer prevention.