What Your Hair Part Says About You

To the left? You love animals and children.

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You *could* take a Myers Briggs test to evaluate your personality into a four-letter description—or you could just look in the mirror. Little did you know that how you sweep your hair tells a lot about who you are. Curious to see where you stand on the spectrum? Duh.
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Straight Down the Center
You are clear-minded and balanced, making you the number one person your friends and family turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on. Intelligent, polite, and very straightforward, you don't understand why anybody would bother being passive aggressive or rude. Your sock drawer is meticulously organized.
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To the Right
You consider yourself more emotionally sensitive and empathetic than most people, and love to take care of people around you. This occasionally gets you into trouble when you spread yourself too thin, making it difficult to defeat every problem you have set out to solve. You know how to cook pretty well, but if it were socially acceptable to eat different kinds of takeout for every meal, you probably would.
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Jagged Center
As devoted to your job and family as you are, you're also very flexible to changing circumstances and have been complimented on your ability to adapt. People are naturally drawn to you because of your friendly personality and easygoing attitude. You have trouble with parallel parking, but are excellent at group karaoke.
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To the Left
From morning until evening, you are focused on your work and familial duties. You don't do "downtime" particularly well, but that's also why you've found so much success in life. You're extremely compassionate for animals and children, but have little patience for adults who lie, make excuses, or cause drama. Speaking of animals, you probably have a secret folder of adorable puppy GIFs somewhere on your computer.
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You love having fun and laughing, but when it comes time to buckle down, you have ambition that can't be satisfied until you reach every single one of your goals (and get your unread emails number down to zero). You wish Pinterest hair tutorials could be just a little easier to follow.
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No Part
You have clear directives in your head of what you want to do in the future, but don't always share your plans with those around you—you prefer to keep people on their toes. You never partake in gossiping or dramatics, and regularly serve as a balancing force between your loved ones. You value spontaneity and often have the urge to quit your job and move to an island in the Caribbean.
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