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50 Amazon Prime Day 2017 Beauty Deals We're Pinching Ourselves Over

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Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals 2017

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

🔥  Up to 40% off for new members only (originally $16) BUY NOW

Best Night Cream 

This is a serious steal for this notorious night cream. After you wipe your pretty face clean of makeup, exfoliate your skin and pat dry. Then, dip your paws into this jar of moisturizer for a deep repair while you get your beauty sleep. 

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Clarisonic Skin Illuminating Facial Cleanser

 Up to 30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $25) BUY NOW

Best Luxe Facial Cleanser

This cleanser by Clarisonic will have you feeling like you're leaving a spa—even when the reality is you're stepping over your own dirty laundry on the way out of the bathroom. It cleanses and brightens your skin to the point that even your favorite barista will wonder if you really did get sleep last night. 

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Batiste Dry Shampoo

🔥  Up to 40% off for new members only  (originally $17 for pack of three) BUY NOW

Best Dry Shampoo Deal

You'll never look like a hot mess again. Save serious bucks on this three-pack of Batiste dry shampoo. It's the brand we ladies love to reach for when our roots are just a little too oily for filters to fix on Instagram. 

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Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion

Up to 20% off (originally $17) BUY NOW

Best Lotion for the Entire Family

This baby (or body!) lotion contains soothing calendula. The formula blend has ingredients that'll not only leave your skin as smooth as a baby's bum, but it'll also help prevent little red razor bumps from popping up after you shave. 

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Maybelline New York Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter

🔥  Up to 36% off for new members only (originally $8) BUY NOW

Best Strobing Product 

Get camera-ready (okay, work-ready) with this classic strobing liquid that'll highlight your cheekbones. You might think it won't make much of  a difference, but think again—once you start strobing, it's hard to ever go back to skipping it. 

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Butter London Most Wonderful of All Color Set

🔥  30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $150) BUY NOW

Best Nail Polish Set

OMG! Is this real life?! Butter London is part of Prime Day, which means you can get this set of 22 colors at a discounted rate. It's the summer of manis and pedis! 

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Remington Body and Bikini Grooming Kit

Up to 35% off (originally $25) BUY NOW

Best Hair Trimmer

This all-over trimmer is a pretty pink shade, so you can still feel perky even when you're getting rid of unwanted (annoying!) body hairs. From your bikini to your pits, this little tool will be your new BFF for the times when your skin is showing! 

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Perfect 7 Brush Collection

30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $149) BUY NOW

Best Makeup Brush Set

If you want to start a makeup brush collection or give yours an upgrade, go for this deal on the Gorgeous Cosmetics set before time runs out. From quality brushes for eye makeup and eyebrow work to brushes that'll master your contouring skills, this is the perfect set to toss in that shopping cart! 

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Puracy Natural Citrus and Sea Salt Body Wash

Up to 22% off for new members only (originally $14) BUY NOW

Best Natural Body Wash

Wowza! With more than 2,000 positive (like, REALLY positive) reviews on Amazon, you can snatch your own bottle of Puracy body wash at a discounted rate. We're obsessed with the citrus and sea salt scent. 

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Puracy Natural Daily Sulfate-Free Hair Shampoo

🔥  Up to 40% off for new members only (originally $15) BUY NOW

Best Natural Shampoo

Also from the brand Puracy is a discount on its natural sulfate-free shampoo. If you perk up your hair with dye or generally just prefer sulfate-free hair cleansers, you don't want to miss out on this deal. 

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Pinkzio Flawless Foundation Sponge

Up to 14% off (originally $7) BUY NOW

Best Makeup Sponge

Blend, baby, blend! How does a girl truly contour without a blending sponge she can rely on? We love that this one by Pinkzio is discounted for Prime Day. (Thanks, Amazon!) 

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Assorted Cute Nail Files and Buffers

Up to 10% off (originally $14 for set of 15) BUY NOW

Best Nail File Set

Yes! This is by far the coolest nail-file-and-buffer set we've ever seen. Each item is super cute. It's perfect for sharing with your sisters and friends, or just keeping them all for yourself—we won't tell. 

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Hempz Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon Herbal Body Moisturizer

Up to 27% off (originally $23) BUY NOW

Best Body Lotion

Slather this fruity goodness on for smooth skin that'll make you feel like skipping your perfume. Seriously, this stuff smells addicting. Get ready for everyone around you to ask what that amazing scent is. 

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Lorac Pro Palette

30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $44) BUY NOW

Best Luxe Eyeshadow 

This palette is a bit more luxe, but the discount makes it affordable for all of us. Snatch this up before time runs out for an eyeshadow palette that you'll love depending on—for your next date night or girls' night out. 

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Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $10)  BUY NOW

Best Lip Balm 

This is one of our favorite lip balms out there. It's super moisturizing, and it contains SPF 25 to keep your puckered lips looking pretty and hydrated. Snag it at the discounted rate on Prime Day. 

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Bliss Soapy Suds

🔥 Up to 50% off (originally $18) BUY NOW

Best for Bubble Baths

Whether you want to add a pump to your loofah or let it fill your bathtub with bubbles, this refreshing grapefruit and aloe soap by Bliss will wake you up and calm you down at the same time. 

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Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax

Up to 39% off (originally $18) BUY NOW

Best Hair Wax

Tame that mane with this Control Maniac wax by Style Sexy Hair. Gals and guys love this stuff! It especially comes in handy after a session with the hair straightener or curling iron! 

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 70

🔥 40% off for new members only (originally $27) BUY NOW

Best Sunscreen Deal

Sunscreen is so pricey, and it's the thing none of us should go without! Stock up on this stellar deal on this Neutrogena mist sunscreen. You're really getting a bang for your buck because this is SPF 70. 

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Shany Cream Foundation and Camouflage Concealer 15-Color Palette

Up to 21% off (originally $16) BUY NOW

Best Contouring Palette

Whether you're using this set on your face or on your body, there's no doubt you'll get plenty of use out of it. Contouring has become a craze, and for a good reason, so don't miss out. 

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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

Up to 30% off (originally $24) BUY NOW

Best Lipstick

Feel like the elegant lady you are and slip this feminine lipstick into your purse for a midday reapplication! 

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Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette

30% off with the code "NEW2LUXPD17" for new members only (originally $61) BUY NOW

Best Perfume 

Everyone loves CK One by Calvin Klein. If you're looking for a new scent, this refreshing fragrance will not disappoint. Plus, we seriously appreciate this discount for Amazon Prime Day. (This is actually the best day ever...) 

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theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

🔥  30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $24) BUY NOW

Best Bronzer

Ugh, give us more! This illuminating bronzer will pep up your skin from drab to glowy. Use it on your cheeks, shoulders, or just about anywhere you feel like. We approve! 

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James Read Tan Tour Face and Body Sculpting Duo

🔥  30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $54) BUY NOW

Best On-the-Go Contouring Set

This is the perfect duo to toss in your bag for touchups. The quality is amazing! That's why we're freaking out that this contour set is available on Prime Day at a discounted rate!

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Madam Lash Eyelashes

Up to 30% off (originally $12) BUY NOW

Best Lashes

Ladies, grab your lashes! This is an awesome deal for a set that won't fall off when the night is only half-over. Plus, if the eyelashes are too bushy for your face, you can always trim them before applying! 

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Colorescience Pressed Mineral Brow Kit

🔥  30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $49) BUY NOW

Best Brow Kit

Eyebrows are everything, so don't give up on yours just yet. This kit will make it easy for your brows to look photo-ready every day. We love that this quality set even includes a highlighting color to make your brows pop. 

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L'Oréal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Original Mascara

🔥  Up to 36% off (originally $18 for pack of three) BUY NOW

Best Mascara Deal

Who wouldn't want to stock up on black mascara? This deal is fire! You get three L'Oréal black mascaras at this discounted rate. You just can't get that anywhere else! Hello, Amazon Prime membership! 

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Stephanie Johnson Snap Galapagos Deep Purple Mirror

30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $22) BUY NOW

Best Compact Mirror

Every lady needs a compact mirror to feel like a true class act. This gorgeous Stephanie Johnson option in the Galapagos deep purple hue is a gorgeous option to slip into your clutch. 

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Georgie Beauty Crème Gel Eyeliner

30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $15) BUY NOW

Best Eyeliner

Grab this blue eyeliner before it sells out on sale! Blue eyeliner makes the white part of your eyes look whiter, and you'll love the effect it has in photos. 

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Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs and Rosewater

30% off with the code NEW2LUXPD17 for new members only (originally $7) BUY NOW

Best Face Spray

Give yourself a spritz of this aloe and rosewater facial spray for a moment of total rejuvenation. Whether you spray midday or after you remove your makeup, you'll get totally addicted to the way it feels. 

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Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense for Him

🔥  Up to 30% off (originally $110) BUY NOW

Best Cologne

This is the perfect excuse to get a head start on your holiday shopping—or just stock up for yourself. Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense for Him is officially available at a discounted rate for Prime Day and we're losing our heads over it. It smells so darn good... 

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