Facebook Wants Your Nudes To Fight Revenge Porn

Fiiiine, there are good intentions behind it.

There's Another Secret Message Inbox on...

You might be missing out on a ton of messages. 

13 Social Media Resolutions to Try in 2016

New year, new posting regimen.

Wasting Time on Facebook Is About to Change...
The social giant is testing a new feature that could help you waste …
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Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas
Facebook Is Finally Making It Easier to Get Over Your Ex

Without unfriending (so you can still stalk as you please).

Facebook Bug Reveals How Popular You REALLY Are With View Count Function

NO NO NO we don't want this!

Facebook Is Testing Six New Alternatives to the "Like" Button

There's no dislike button, but there are adorable emoji instead.

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Future-Facebook Will Be Able to Read Your Mind
Because keyboards, ugh. They just really get in the way.
10 Ways to Lose Social Media Followers
Also known as: Exactly what not to do.
work at facebook
Want a Job at Facebook
When the hiring manager gives you advice, you listen.
sheryl sandberg
This Is What a Real Working Woman Looks Like
And now there's a whole digital library dedicated to them.
sheryl sandberg
There's Another Facebook Movie Coming Soon
The book written by the latest female billionaire is hitting the big screen.
randi zuckerberg
The Day I Went Viral
Social media's newest manners maven Randi Zuckerberg opens up about her biggest Facebook gaffe.
woman doing a push up
Get Paid to Work Out!
Degree has just launched a new Facebook app that rewards people for staying active.
man looking at a storefront sign that says sexy
Most Popular Times of The Year For Breaking Up
I recently came across a study in Men's Health that outlined the most common breakup points in the year. This info was gathered after m…
man with laptop
Do Dating Sites Actually Make Getting Married Harder?

Plus, could Facebook be to blame for the rise in affairs and divorce?