Drake Has a Birkin Collection for His Future Wife

As Rihanna would say, "When he extra."

100 Iconic Fashion & Beauty Items

They're still around for a reason.

Hermes Birkin Bags
Awkward Times for Fancy Metal: Birkin Bags Are...

And they're only getting more valuable.

Jane Birkin Allows Hermès to Keep Her Name on Its...

Save the crocodiles.

There Were Two Kylie Jenners at Kylie Jenner's...

Kylie Jenner II also has a famous sister.

jean-claude ellena
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1957, SCENT: Givenchy L'Interdit 
MUSE: Audrey Hepburn 
The scent was originally created as a gift to Hepburn from Givenchy, who had designed her costumes for Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sabrina.
A History of Hollywood Muses
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Designer Dossier: Jean Paul Gaultier
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Hollywood Fragrances: Scent of an Icon
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Smythson of Bond St.
Name Game
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Fashion Mis-Statements
The Glossary
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