This Must-See Documentary is Poised to be the...
The Sundance hit documentary is poised to be the Inconvenient Truth …
Star Style at Sundance Film Festival
These seven stylish ladies won us over with their oversized pea-coat…
23 Things We Loved about Sundance 2012 (and 13...
Pretty snow and quick public transportation? There are definitely so…
like crazy
"Like Crazy" Explores Long-Distance Relationships
The critically acclaimed film fest flick explores whether relationsh…
Top 5 Sundance Movies
My favorite flicks of the snow-covered fest, from those I screened.
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28 Lessons Learned at Sundance
What happens at Sundance, stays at Sundance...except for these lessons learned.
sundance film festival sign
Live from Sundance: Celebrities Everywhere!
MCs Jessica Henderson has been blogging live from the Sundance Film Festivalone of the hazards of the job? Running into celebrities on …
Sundance Celebrity Sightings
Every year hundreds of celebrities descend on Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival. Here are a few of the famous faces who b…
Don't Miss These DVDs
Check out Spring Breakdown, along with our top straight-to-DVD picks to add to your Netflix queue tonight.
sundance film festival sign
Live from Sundance: Tuesday, 1/20
Sundance Discoveries: A few of the surprisingly pleasant little finds of Sundance 09.
packed louis vuitton bag
Live from Sundance, Sunday 1/18
Developing my own Sundance survivor kit. So far, the secrets are these...
anna wintour at screening of the september issue
Live from Sundance, Sunday 1/17
I receive an email saying that I've scored a last, last minute ticket to the Anna-Wintour-is-a-fashion-deity documentary, The September…
model in white trench
Live from Sundance, Friday 1/16
I'd been traveling all day-first a 3-hour layover in Minneapolis, Minnesota (-26 degrees!) where the airport was oddly super-renovated,…
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yellow brown and peach striped dress with yellow belt
The Fashion Commandments
This month's must-dos from the style divinities.
model on runway in printed top and shorts by etro and dries van noten
The 5 Fashion Commandments
This month's must-dos from the style divinities.