tory burch

5 Fashion Must-Haves For Every Work Wardrobe

Going shopping might just be the best career move you make.

Tory Burch Releases Fragrance and Makeup Line
Tory Burch launches fragrance and beauty products.
The 2013 CFDA & eBay 'You Can't Fake Fashion'...
You're in luck: The 2013 collection of handbags from eBay & CFDA…
tory burch bag
What's in Tory Burch's Bag?
The preppy designer discloses the colorful contents of her self-made…
leslie smith
Hey, Where'd You Get That?
What do you wear to work when you work at one of the most famous fas…
four women standing by their shoe collections
How Your Shoes Turn Him On
Here's a thumbs-up/thumbs-down post to help women "edit" their shoe wardrobes, from a guy's point of view at least.
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Travel Light with Tory Burch
Special-edition handbag for charity.