How do you get to work?

Last week, I blogged about signing up for my company's transportation reimbursement program-a major office perk I didn't take advantage of when I was first hired. Living in Brooklyn, the train is by far the easiest and fastest way to get to work-the subway literally leads right up to my office's front door! No gridlock, no road rage for parking spaces, no tickets. It's the ultimate big city money-saver, though I shell out $81 a month for it. But many 9-to-5ers don't work in places as subway-friendly as the big metropolises like New York City. Yet, it seems we are all getting more creative about how we're getting to work. Americans drove 9.6 billion miles less in May compared to last year, says the Federal Highway Administration's latest report.

How are you commuting to work these days? Has it saved you money?

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