Why Do Working Moms Get All The Perks?

Dear Cubicle Coach:

When we're on deadline, our manager often makes the work of those with young kids a higher priority so they can be the first ones to leave. I get that juggling parenting responsibilities and work is tough, but I shouldn't have to pick up the slack for my overextended colleagues, should I?

Dear Non-Breeder:

It's not about who's a breeder and who isn't. It's about who has earned the perk — through great work, seniority, ass-kissing, or whatever your particular office values. CC's experience is that those with kids use the workday more efficiently than most. Gone are the lunchtime shopping expeditions, the visits to the gym, the gabfests around the coffeepot about the meaning of last night's "very special" episode of Big Love. And remember, young thang, the day may come when you need your officemates to spell you now and then on account of kids, a sick parent, a rehabbing spouse, or just those Tuesday and Thursday night MBA courses. Here's hoping that you've accrued sufficient good karma with the breeders by then.

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