Iggy Azalea Speaks Out Against the Way She Was Photoshopped Topless

She's very happy with her body the way it is, thank you very much. 

Getty Images

Iggy Azalea appears on in the cover of this month's Schon magazine to promote her sophomore studio album Digital Distortion and she looks damn good doing it. She acknowledges that the photo is amazing, but she isn't as in love with the photoshopping. She took to Twitter to rap about it with fans:

"Love it, but I much prefer the picture before they photoshopped my thighs and hips to seem skinnier," she explained, later telling another fan she had "no clue" why the magazine decided to make her look slimmer, but she's "very happy" with her "body the size it is and prefer[s] it that way."

While we contemplate the before and after photos, let auto-tune our ears into her new single, "Team."


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