Khloé Kardashian Turned Off Instagram Comments After Followers Mocked Her “Photoshop Fail”

Tough crowd.

  • Khloé Kardashian’s followers dragged her for over-editing her Instagram photos, specifically recent photos of herself in a sparkly jumpsuit.
  • She just turned off the comments and posted an emotional message.

    Let’s just state the obvious and say that almost everyone gives their photos a little bit of editing love before posting them on the ’gram. Khloé Kardashian has been known to tune up her pictures before sharing them with her 89 million followers, but some found her last photo to be so intensely edited that they started roasting her in the comments section.

    Now, it seems Khloé is over the negativity, because she just turned off the comments and posted about how she’s just trying to do her best.

    Just a couple days ago, Khloé posted a photo of her in a sparkly jumpsuit walking up some stairs and looking back at the camera. It was a cute pic, but a bunch of people seemed to think she photoshopped her legs and head so much that it looked unnatural.

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    The comments were not pleasant:


    Khloé left the comments on for a few more of her posts after that one but seems to have turned them off this morning.

    For her first post of the day, Khloé shared a picture of some white hearts on a pink background with no caption. Then, she posted a selfie and captioned it, “I believe in you, your abilities, and you[r] heart! Stay positive about everything. Each one of us is simply trying to figure it all out.”

    Of course, no one but Khloé knows the exact reason she turned off the comments, but having her followers drag her through the mud probably didn’t help?

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