Scarlett Johansson Took Her 72-Year-Old Doppelgänger to the 'Rough Night' Premiere

Annnd *this* is what Scarlett will look like when she's 72.

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In April, the world met Scarlett Johansson's doppelgänger—a 72-year-old grandma named Geraldine Dodd who was a dead ringer for the Avengers actress in her 20s. The photo made its way to ScarJo herself, who was so taken aback by the resemblance that she invited Geraldine to be her guest and get drunk together at the Rough Night premiere.

Scarlett made good on her invitation and this week, Geraldine was her guest at the movie's premiere—and they were adorable.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Scarlett told the story of how her doppel-date went. Because Geraldine was drunk in the lookalike picture, Scarlett wanted to get drunk with her at the premiere and they totally did.

"Can she party? Oh my god, she's a lush," Scarlett gushed. "She was such a nice woman, though. Honestly, it was wonderful to meet her. She's from Arkansas and her daughter, of course, owns a bar and so — and I will eventually make my way to Arkansas and continue this family reunion. She's just awesome."

Watch the whole interview below:

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