Jennifer Lopez Used Alex Rodriguez' Strip Club Experiences to Inspire Her New Movie 'Hustlers'

Co-star Cardi B drew on her experiences as a dancer too.

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There's mere weeks to go until the release of Hustlers, the movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu as scammers targeting their strip club clientele. The impossibly starry cast— we're talking Cardi B, Lizzo, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Julia Stiles—are busy doing press, and in an interview with E! News, J. Lo revealed how her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, helped her research her role.

"When [he asked], 'What's your next movie about?' and I was telling him, he was like, 'Oh, I know a lot about strip clubs. I can help you,'" J. Lo explained. "He actually did start telling me, because, you know, sports players, a lot of them, spend a lot of time in strip clubs. He told me how it all works, like how the guys come in the back door."

A. Rod's insight is visible in the movie, J. Lo added. "All that stuff in the movie with the back door and stuff was information that I gave them, so that was amazing."

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Cardi B, meanwhile, shared what she learned while stripping in New York City, a career she quit to focus on music. "I have learned a lot of lessons, a lot of lessons—it's like a whole list," she said. "Some women leave with a lot of money and some don't. Some women that are new will see the character Ramona [played by J. Lo] like, how the fuck this bitch does it? How does she take them to the private room? What is she saying, what is she doing so special? You just always wonder, what is she doing that I’m not doing? What is it that I don’t have?"

"Everybody always think it’s about how you look, you could be the baddest bitch. But if you don't have the game, baby... you gotta have that game," she explained. "It's all about how you make a man feel."

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