Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, and Taylor Swift Really Wanted Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to Kiss at the VMAs

"still waiting for that kiss tho," Joe wrote on Instagram.

2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room
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If you happened to stumble onto Twitter at all during last night's VMAs, there's a pretty strong chance you encountered a few tweets on one moment in particular: Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes' romantic performance of their single "Señorita," which saw them come tantalizingly close to an on-stage kiss. The pair started dating earlier this summer (or at least, the paparazzi first got wind of their relationship earlier this summer), but refrained from kissing under the VMA spotlights—much to the (hilarious) frustration of Sophie Turner, Jonases Nick and Joe, and Taylor Swift.

Sophie was perhaps the keenest champion of a Camila/Shawn make out, grabbing Joe and Nick's arms with feverish anticipation before throwing her hands in the air in frustration. Joe later shared the extremely cute video on Instagram, with the caption, "#VMAs are over, but we’re still waiting for that kiss tho." Side note—are we all in agreement that Sophie Turner is the unequivocal best?

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As People reports, Bebe Rexha was also eager for Camila and Shawn to engage in a little PDA, chanting, "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" before looking similarly dismayed when Camila pulled away. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wasn't quite so visibly eager —but the performance did leave her a little hot under the collar all the same, and she fanned herself as the song drew to a close.

Camila and Shawn's relationship has met with a little online skepticism, with some suggesting it's all an elaborate PR stunt conjured up to promote "Señorita." My verdict, which I'm sure Sophie Turner would agree with? If they're acting, they've got some Oscars with their names on them.

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