Katie Holmes Was Spotted Dining With Emilio Vitolo Jr. and His Father (Again!)

My heart can't take it.

Katie Holmes
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In exciting hump day news, Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo Jr., and his father Emilio Vitolo Sr. were spotted eating outdoors at Emilio's Ballato in SoHo yesterday. The pair were first linked in September after they were photographed on a date in New York City. Since then, the couple have taken their PDA all over New York (and I'm not complaining).

For the outing, Katie wore black pants, a black crop tank top, a jean overshirt, white sneakers, and because our queen cares about the health of others: a black face mask.

While this isn't exactly the first time Katie met at least one of Emilio Jr.'s parents, it's another step in the right direction! Especially after reports came forward from close friends that Lourdes, the NYC chef's mom, was "furious about the way the whole thing went down."

According to Page Six, "[Lourdes] thinks she brought him up better than that," a close source to the family told the publication. "She didn't like how [Emilio] handled this at all."

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo Jn and Emilio Vitolo Sr

(Image credit: Robert Kamau)

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr

(Image credit: Robert Kamau)

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr

(Image credit: Robert Kamau)

If your memory is foggy on how they got together, I'll clear it up for you. Numerous reports came out that Emilio Jr. had been engaged to designer Rachel Emmons for 18 months when photos of him and Katie started circling the internet. So, yeah, not exactly the best way to start a relationship. Katie and Emilio Jr. haven't commented on the matter, and sources close to the couple say his relationship with Rachel was already heading south before he and Katie even got together.

"He and his fiancée were taking it slow, and it wasn't working out," said another source, emphasizing that Katie was more his speed than Rachel was. "He likes older women. He dated an older anchor at Fox, and others, so he has a history with older women."

Here's to the happy couple, and we're crossing our fingers that the meal with Emilio Vitolo Sr. went great!

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