Taylor Swift Dances with Beyoncé at a Justin Timberlake Concert, Pop Culture Is Now Complete

The cherry on top of her birthday weekend sundae.
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After ringing in her 25th birthday on Friday with a laundry list of celebrity friends, the fun didn't stop for Taylor Swift —not that it ever really does.

Last night, Swift joined Beyoncé in the crowd at Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience World Tour concert in New York City. And (prepare yourselves) the two had an impromptu dance party when Jay Z joined Timberlake onstage to perform their hit "Holy Grail." They shimmied. They lip-synched. They made our pop-culture-loving hearts sing. 

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In other Swift-is-taking-over-the-world news, The Grammy Museum is holding an exhibition in honor of her birthday. The Taylor Swift Experience opened this weekend and features over 100 items mapping the trajectory of the star's career, including handwritten lyrics, personal photographs, and home videos. The show runs until May 10 in Los Angeles.

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