Johnny Depp Responds to Divorce from Amber Heard

At press time, Australia remained neutral.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard
(Image credit: Getty Images)

As you know from yesterday, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are getting divorced (opens in new tab) after just over one year of marriage. We blame Australia and also the entire dog species (opens in new tab), but whatever.

Both Depp and Heard have remained silent about their split thus far, but Depp's rep issued a statement last night threw a lil' carefully placed shade while at it. If there were an award for "Shade You Can Barely Tell Is There But Is Shade Nonetheless," this would win:

"Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life," the rep said via statement (opens in new tab). "Hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly." 

So, in case that wasn't clear, Depp and Heard's relationship (sorry, "this short marriage") was super-duper brief. Though last time we checked, "brevity" wasn't a reason not to give someone spousal support (opens in new tab)...

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