The Dating Sites Hollywood Stars Actually Use

Apparently everyone is looking for love online.

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Apparently everyone is looking for love online.

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Mariah Carey

After making it crystal clear that she is officially over ex-husband Nick Cannon, Mimi has taken to the internet to find love again. In the music video for her latest single "Infinity," Mariah debuts her profile. "I hope every woman who is single and listens to this song goes out and finds her infinity, whether on Match or the traditional way," Mariah said in a press release.

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Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff also revealed her online dating adventures in the music video for her newest song "Sparks." In the video, she goes on real, actual Tinder dates that don't look like awkward disasters and give the rest of us hope for Tinder love.

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Lindsay Lohan

Apparently LiLo is a Tinder fan as well, but it got a little hairy during what she thought was a normal day of date hunting. While browsing through Tinder, she came across her brother's profile. She posted a screenshot to Instagram, revealing both his dating ventures as well as her own.

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Lily Allen

In March of 2013 the songstress tweeted, "Just discovered Tinder. *Waves goodbye to life*"

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Martha Stewart

Martha is on! She told the Today show in 2013 that she was, "looking to enhance my dating life."

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Adele admitted to signing up for eHarmony after a hard breakup in her Biography Adele: The Biography. She also revealed it proved particularly fruitless because she didn't post a picture of herself.

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Ashton Kutcher

Before getting together with his former on-screen love, Mila Kunis, Ashton was swiping left and right on Tinder like the rest of us.

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Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom set up a fake Facebook profile and attempted to meet women without revealing his true identity. (Not creepy at all.) We're not sure if he got any bites.

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Halle Berry

You would never guess this bombshell would need help finding dates but the actress revealedthat she occasionally visits chat rooms and dating sites, though she failed to specify which ones.

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Katy Perry

In early 2014, Katy told The Breakfast Club that she was "very deep into Tinder." Though we think she may not be anymore...

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