2012's Best Pop Culture Moments
It's been quite a year for those of us entertainment junkies. To start, 2012 birthed us (quite literally) Blue Ivy Carter, while also presented us with the ever-troubling Liz & Dick. Our year-end round-up features the people, the moments, and the internet
Do You Have Executive Presence?
You're smart, driven, and good at what you do. But that alone won't …
The Dog Whistle Last Night Was to Women
The debate last night was ostensibly about foreign policy, but as th…
Who's Funnier, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? (And ...
Last Thursday, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were in the same room ag…
Pills and Pocketbooks: Why Obama's Debate Pitch...
These are not just women's issues, said a much feistier Obama during…
Sharper Image
We interrupt your regularly scheduled wardrobe to bring you the season's breaking looks. Warning: Due to the graphic nature and angular…
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Are the 47 Percent Really Obama Voters?
Mitt Romney just insulted about half of Americans behind closed doors in a video that was only recently released.
The Abortion Talk You Don't Hear on the RNC Stage
Off-campus from the Republican National Convention, Michele Bachmann leads one of the few major pro-life conversations.