2016 Presidential Election

The 10 Best Lines from Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

"Don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again. Because this, right now, is the greatest country on earth."

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama Rips Donald Trump in Moving Speech...
"Every single day I wake up in a house that was built by slaves, and…
Oops: This Carly Fiorina Website Redirects to a...

Fiorina, in case you didn't know, is no fan of Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Would Be Losing...

"The only thing she's got going is the woman's card."

Ted Cruz campaign headquarters
What Life on the Campaign Trail Is Really Like

"I think I'll never eat pizza again after this."

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Remaining six presidential candidates
Primary Results: All the Winners from Last Night's Contests

This race is shaping up to be a *fascinating* one.

Trump quotes about women
New Ad Highlights the Disgusting Things Donald Trump Has Said About Women

"Women: You have to treat them like sh*t." —Donald Trump

Trump in a crowd
Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Reportedly Roughed Up a Female Reporter

A witness said Corey Lewandowski nearly pulled her to the ground. 

Bernie Sanders
What Is Super Tuesday and Why Should You Care?

Five things to know now.

John Kasich
Presidential Candidate John Kasich Just Moved to Defund Planned Parenthood

The Republican governor has signed a bill that will significantly affect women in Ohio.

Hillary Clinton campaign ad
Hillary Clinton's Newest Campaign Ad Might Make You Ugly Cry

No matter how jaded you are about politics.

Kendall Jenner as Rosie the Riveter
Kendall Jenner Transforms Into Rosie the Riveter to Get You to Vote

If she has time to do that, you have time to participate in democracy.

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The Women Working for Bernie Sanders Are Not Thinking About Boys Right Now

We're on the ground in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly
Melania Trump
Melania Trump on Donald: "Do I Agree with Him All the Time? No."

The Republican presidential hopeful's wife talks politics, marriage, and why she's not on the campaign trail.

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Ivanka Trump Insists Her Dad Is "Clearly" Pro-Women

"My whole life has been proof of that."

Awkward: Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich Asks a Woman if She's Been on a Diet

His campaign said he often asks this question to explain government debt.

Paul Ryan
The Most Powerful Republican in Washington Is Taking a Stand Against Paid Maternity Leave

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says it "doesn't make any sense."