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9 Ways to Get a Flat Belly Without Diet or Exercise
Bust your gut with these minimal-effort tips.
2-Minute Ab Workout Video
Want flat and beautiful abs? Crunch it out with this effective quick…
Muffin Top Minimizer Video
This quick workout targets the "muffin top": that hard-to-tone area …
Core Blast (Very Sexy Beach Abs) Video
Quick, yet powerful, this fast blast to the core builds strength thr…
Stomach Sculpt Video
Sculpt your way to a summer stomach. Join Jenna to learn how boxing…
Tuck Crunch Video
Really strengthen those abs with Dixon's tuck crunch. This mini workout that comes from Amy's background in tumbling is the perfect sol…
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Funky Ab Exercise Video
Chisel your middle without a single crunch with Ilyse's Funky Abs move.Now you know how to get a core workout when you party down next!
Bye Bye Love Handles Video
Exercises that help you burn through the fat.
glamorous beachwear
Sexy, Strong Abs
A flat stomach can be yours: Our four-part guide to what to eat, drink, and do will have you bikini-ready in no time.
What's Your Least Favorite Physical Trait in a Guy?
I've heard women complain about different physical traits they don't like in men. As I get older, I fear that these traits may slowly …
woman flexing her bicep on a fitness ball
Get Rock Hard Abs
Get your best abs ever with these simple moves.
What Do You Like on a Guy Better? Boxer Shorts or Boxer Briefs?
I've learned that girls notice what you're wearing, especially when you're not wearing much. One time I was making out with a girl…
woman doing real push ups - no knees
How to Do 20 (Real) Push-ups
How to...
How-to Get More from Your Ab Workout
Advice from the experts
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the bean
The Bean There, Done That
It might be time to try The Bean.
woman in black swimsuit
How to Get a Beach Body Fast
Workout Tips
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