14 Things Women with Amazing Skin Do Every Day

Waking up flawless is all in a few key steps.

Beauty Blogger Shares Her Acne Struggles
Katie Snooks vlogged with no makeup on for one month to show her ex…
The Acne-Curing Pill You've Never Heard Of
It also reduces bloating, so...sign us up?
kendall jenner zit
13 Surprising Reasons You Keep Breaking Out
Your period isn't the only thing causing your acne.
How To Pronounce Designer Names: Part Deux
Round two of those difficult-to-say, yet decidedly chic names.
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Skincare Cocktails
Confused about which product combinations and treatments will give you clear, glowing skin? Here's how to mix the perfect signature "co…
model in smoke
Damage Control
No matter what your problem, our easy head-to-toe plan for treating postholiday stress disorder will solve it.
close up beauty
Is Your Skin Hormonal?
Zits. Brown spots. Sagging. Forget PMSnow you can blame your hormones for bad skin, too.
<p>Much like her character Hannah on <em>Pretty Little Liars</em>, Benson keeps it real. So real in fact, she shared this snap of her zit-cream-dotted face complete with a kissy face.</p>
Dubious Beauty Trend: Condoms to Treat Acne

Latest craze in Cambodia? Using water-based lube from Number One Plus condoms to treat acne.

solutions for cystic acne
Solutions for Cystic Acne
Courtney Allison, 26, talks to MC's resident derm and psychiatrist about hormonal acne and rosacea.
Dealing With Cystic Acne
Ariel Levy takes aim at acne with a costly new treatment.
phyto plage phytosolaire pill in a paper candy cup
Can a Pill Make You Gorgeous?
Our test of the new beauty supplements.
girl with black hair
Skin Care Advice from A to Z
From anti-aging to the best products.
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Beat Your Breakouts Forever

The best new breakthrough treatments.

model with ponytail
How To Stop Breakouts
You may not be able to control whether or not you break out, but you can take steps to prevent it. Put away that concealer, and say hel…
Preventing Back and Chest Acne
As if breakouts on the face weren't bad enough, back and chest acne is a common problem, especially in the summer. Prevent it with thes…
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model on runway
Banish Back Breakouts
Bring sexy back with these tips to get rid of bacne and keep your skin clear during the hot summer months.