abbie cornish and bradley cooper


Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish Talk about Love
The Limitless costars reveal their thoughts on first dates, intimacy with strangers, and why women fall for lovable jerks.
paul dano
MC's Crush of the Month: Paul Dano
We sat down with Dano to find out whether our newest matinee crush w…
seth rogan in Knocked Up
Is He Still a Stud If His Job's a Dud?
Here, our favorite film characters who won us over in spite of their…
gwyneth paltrow
Career Rehab: Oscar Redux
Now, where have we seen this before?
eric dane in a jacket and tie
Two Minute Date with Greys Anatomy's Eric Dane
Eric Dane isn't the dog you think he is. Unless you're unconscious, …
She Was a 20-Year-Old Intern, He Was 50 Years Her Senior

If you think this was a match made in tabloid heaven, you don't know Heather Randall.

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Alessandro Nivola
Two-Minute Date with Alessandro Nivola
The star of The Eye talks about life under the radar.
Actor, Mark Ruffalo
Interview with Mark Ruffalo
When will he land that megastar role?
Chris O'Donnell
Interview with Chris O'Donnell
From It-hood to burnout.
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
A History of Celebrity Divorces
The bitter public split is officially back.
Two Minute Date: James Marsden
James Marsden, from super-cool to Corny Collins
Cate The Great
More reasons to love the star
jennifer connelly holding husbands leather jacket
The Actor's Actor: Jennifer Connelly
She's not afraid of the dark
courtney cox
Courteney Cox in Control
Ready to take the lead.
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