American attorney Kimberley Motley defends Afghans and expats accused of crimes in Kabul


This Woman Risks Her Life to Ensure Justice Is Served in Afghanistan

Meet Kimberley Motley, the first foreign litigator working in Afghanistan's criminal courts.

Afghanistan's President Elect Vows To Bring Equal...
A huge change for the traditionally anti-women nation.
afghanistan female politicians
What Afghanistan's Presidential Election Means...
One politician wages a campaign for greater women's rights.
madina naderi
Faces of Hope
Meet the brave women refugees from Bosnia, Congo, and Afghanistan wh…
"Love Crimes of Kabul"
A new HBO documentary goes inside Afghanistan's Badam Bagh prison to profile women serving time for "moral crimes"
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sophia bush and joanna coles
From One Tree Hill to Afghanistan
Actress Sophia Bush on how Marie Claire inspired her to help Afghan women imprisoned for so-called moral crimes.
afghanistan dispatch bullet proof vests
Dispatch from Afghanistan: Imprisoned Women and Ill-Fitting Bullet-Proof Vests
Still, it's not all bad news from the war front.
afghan women's prison
Why Are These Women in Jail?
In Afghanistan, women and children are rotting away in prison for "moral crimes" like leaving an abusive husband.
heather sample patroling in afghanistan
How Women Will End the War in Afghanistan
In search of peace in the war-torn nation, the Marine Corps has embedded one of the first all-female engagement teams.
afghanistan women fighting for rights
Afghani Women Moving Forward
Seven years after democracy came to Afghanistan, the Taliban are back.
pregnant indian women
23 Shocking News Stories
Expand your horizons with 23 international stories you don't want to miss.
Love in the time of terror
She was a single mom; he was divorced and searching. Together they kindled an epic passion for each other and jihad.
afghani woman
Afghani Women Get Physical
A look inside Afghanistan's first and only gym for women
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town of ghazini in turkey
The Best Boutique in Town
Eye on the World
Marzia with daughter Noyi - kite makers of Kabul.
The Kite Makers of Kabul
Afghanistan's only female kite makers.
Risking Their Lives for Education
In Afghanistan, members of a secret organization of women risk death to give other women education and hope. Eve Ensler took a harrowin…
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