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alpha females

Real-Life Stay-at-Home Husbands
For the first time, women make up a majority of America's workforce. And at home, a few good men are taking up the slack.
couple fighting with each other
What Do Alpha Women Really Want?
We're outearning our men more than ever before. So what are we compl…
woman in desk chair with newspaper
Layoff Advice from Alpha Females
When high-flying female execs lose their jobs, how do they cope? Lis…
Do Men Resent Their More Successful Girlfriends?
A provocative new documentary tackles the thorniest of romantic issu…
Why Women Sabotage Each Other
Why do ambitious young women say they hate working for other women?
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Career Fashion
Why Men Love Ambitious Women
Men respect a woman's ambition when it comes to her career.
Why Madonna's Divorce Crushes Us
I still cant believe Madonna is getting divorced from Guy Richie.
barack obama
Barack in the Saddle
What we face, what we need.
turner and hooch, 1989
Working Women of the Movies
Pop in one of these cinematic classics starring kick-ass career gals who broke the rules and succeeded. Use that for motivation.
Alpha Woman vs Beta Male
Why I Love My Alpha Wife
Modern relationships
Alpha Woman vs Beta Male
The Alpha/Beta Decoder
He says tomato; she owns Heinz.
Real-World Alpha Females
Women are outearning, outpacing, and outshining men like never before. Here, some alpha females from our Women on Top special.