How I Kicked My Dependence on Laxatives for Good

For over a year, I lived on little more than bran cereal and laxatives.

40-Pound Anorexic Woman Who Begged for Help Has...
Rachael Farrokh is now in Washington to advocate for eating disorder…
From 56 Pounds to 221 Pounds: One Woman's...

"I didn't know how to stop."

The Scary Truth About Eating-Disorder Treatment

An investigative report.

13 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with...
For starters, please stop it with the "just eat."
thigh gap
Latest Teen Thinness Craze Is Quite Disturbing
Teens are now fixated on a new body part to tout extreme thinness.
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model sipping a breakfast drink from a straw
Diet Tips
We've compiled the best tips and tricks for your diet, so you can look - and feel - fabulous!
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What Really Happens Inside an Anorexia Clinic
When Meg Haston checked herself into an Arizona eating disorder clinic, groundbreaking therapy forced her to confront her worst fears.
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The Incredible Shrinking Portia
In Portia de Rossi's extraordinary new memoir, she discusses the heartbreaking disease that almost killed her and the love that finally…
portia de rossi
Exclusive: Portia de Rossi on Her Shocking New Memoir
The star opens up to us about Ellen, those controversial Ally McBeal days, and overcoming anorexia.
Q&A Fighting with Food
You give some vivid descriptions of vomiting in this book. Why?
Are Models Too Skinny?
"My 11-Grape Diet": A Model Confesses
Models are literally dying to be skinny.