Khloe Kardashian Reveals Anti-Aging Skin Routine

The star describes exactly what she does to keep her skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Can You Actually Repair Your Skin with the Help...
This product is revolutionizing the path to healthier, more vibrant …
SoKo Secrets: The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine
Your new nightly Korean skincare routine, courtesy of Charlotte Cho …
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Tell the World You're Going Places With These Status Symbols
Tell the world you're clearly going places with these totally-worth-it accoutrements.
the minibar
Skincare Mixology: The Minibar
Products to keep stocked in your medicine cabinet.
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Beauty Breakthroughs
From your daily skincare regime to anti-aging treatments, we have the scoop on the best beauty breakthroughs this year.
female face with gloved hands
No More Tears, No More Wrinkles?
Why products for the very young could be the ultimate antiagers.
How Will I Age?
Your goal: a younger, refreshed face. Your worry: looking fake, filled, and frozen. The answer? Devise a cosmetic game plan with your d…
beverly jonhson
Aging with Grace: Celebrities Then and Now

These beauties appear to look better over time. Did they get cosmetic help? Who cares? They look fresh and age-appropriate.

Frozen in Time: The Antiaging Dilemma
With Botox, fillers, and lasers at the ready, is it now a woman's right or duty to look as young as she feels? Aleksandra Crapanzano …
Anti-Aging Time Management
It's a given wear sunscreen. It's your best defense against the UV rays that break down collagen faster than you can say "wrinkle crea…
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model holding her face
Forever Young … Starting Now?
How early should you start getting aggressive with antiaging treatments? Confident in the face of youth, we gear up to take a closer lo…
eco friendly beauty products
Beauty Products
Our experts give us their favorite beauty products, from summer-ready moisturizers to eco-friendly goodies!
How to Apply Makeup
From eyes to foundation, from lips to lashes, we've got you covered!
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happy woman
Skincare Products
Here, the pros reveal their favorite skincare products!
Do You Look Your Age...Or Older?
Do you wear SPF everyday? Drink more than 5 alcoholic drinks in a week? Eat veggies? Spend all day sitting down? All of these factors c…
model with tray of plastic surgery tools
Bizarre Anti-Aging Treatments Around the World
Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt investigates the fat-melting, face-plumping beauty technologies so new, they aren't even avai…
two new cutting-edge technologies to keep you looking young forever
The Science of Anti-Aging Skincare
Two new cutting-edge technologies keep you looking forever young.
beautiful skin
How to Keep Your Skin from Sagging
One woman's skin started to slump, and she signed up for a complexion pick-me-up to get it to stop.
woman smiling
Skincare 101: 4 Common Problems Solved
Ditch the industrial-strength wrinkle creams for these effective, age-appropriate skin solutions for your 20s and 30s.
woman in bikini and red head scarf
5 Ways to Feel Hot at Any Age

Just because you don't have baby soft skin doesn't mean you can't rock what you've got!

demi moore
10 Stars Who Look Half Their Age
Learn the secrets that help make these over-40 women look better than their much-younger counterparts.
antiaging for eyes
4 Ways to Take Years Off Your Eyes
Undereye bags, dark circles, and crow's-feet defy these early signs of aging with the right eye cream and treatment.
Eating for Your Best Skin
6 ways to eat your way to better skin.
close up beauty
Is Your Skin Hormonal?
Zits. Brown spots. Sagging. Forget PMSnow you can blame your hormones for bad skin, too.
anti-aging cream
Non-Prescription Retinoid Alternatives
Not ready to ask your doc for a prescription? Try these over-the-counter anti-aging alternatives.
Anti-Aging Retinoids: Pros and Cons
Does the standard Rx for reducing wrinkles and sunspots also thin your skin in the long run?