Lena Heady Opens Up About Her Mental Health

"Magic happens when you are vulnerable and truthful and HUMAN."

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10 Signs You May Be Combating Depression
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Get Your Personal Risk Score
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Are you Taking Enough Risks?
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I Had Shock Therapy... And I'd Do It Again
Last year, an estimated 100,000 people treated their severe depression or bipolar disorder with powerful bolts of electricity to the br…
Anxiety, You Got Me on the Run
There's one bit of advice that seems to keep coming up this week: Don't be too desperate! Don't be too anxious about finding a good boy…
When Are You Over Someone?
The industry standard for getting over someone is half the duration of the relationship. So, if I get out of a yearlong relationship i…
What Is Your Worst First Date Food?
The other night I was eating corn on the cob and feeling very happy I was not on a date because I looked like a rat gnawing on a typewr…
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